Nikole Baly

The Bullcock

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Jan 9, 2012
New face @ Avant.
Height: 177
Weight: 50kg
Stats: 81-62-88
With Elite in Paris & Barcelona






^^ -- Look like anyone? ;)
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Omg! I thought i was rare polaroid from Gemma Ward. But I dont know is she become as famous as Gemma because she is second. Nevermind she have small frame btw
I dont know is she become as famous as Gemma because she is second.

Also, she's not as good. Sure, there's a bit of potential, but I've worked with countless girls like this, pretty with a resemblance to a great, but it usually takes so much to get a shot from them that's comparable to whoever they're being compared to, you're better of spending time on someone with a truly unique look and a natural ability to come alive on camera. So yeah, Nikole does look like Gemma in the last shot, but she doesn't have that magic that made Gemma so special. You can't teach, or imitate that, you either have it, or you don't.
I agree that she looks like Gemma! I really like her small frame. I'd be interested to see her after a little more time and experience.
That last picture! Wow, what an uncanny resemblance. It'll be interesting to see the quality of her work. Looking similar to Gemma might help at first, but she needs to prove that she can produce good work. I wasn't particularly wowed by any of her photos, but no doubt, she'll improve.
^^ I think she over plucks her eyebrows. I bet she looks ten times better with bushier brow.