Lucy Hale



What do you think about Lucy Hale? She's in Pretty Little Liars.
Does anyone know her weight? What would you guess?



She was much thinner a couple of years ago.

Here's a recent bikini shot:


Arriving to do Good Morning America:

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seriously?? i didn't know that... i guess i should have posted the thread in the takedowns :(
Yeah. :/ I used to like her body at her lower weight, but now I'm guessing she's like 125 maybe at a height of 5"2'? Back then she was probably closer to 107-110 or so.
she used to look way better... now she looks just average and that bikini picture allie posted is some serious reverse thinspo imo....
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I don't know her but she has a beautiful face. She looks really short too. Anybody knows her height?

Ugh. there aren't many short thinspos that I know of other than the tumblr websites.
Her face looks very Miss America to me, don't know why. She's cute though, she was quite pretty at a lower weight (I feel like a broken record, pretty much all the celebrities here looked pretty at a lower weight haha)
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I'm not a fan of her face... She looks like a manly Selena Gomez to me, no offence :grin:
I always thought she had thunder thighs and chunky calves (aka saddlebags). Never liked her body.
She's a gorgeous girl and a great actress (I love Pretty Little Liars!). I noticed her weight gain as well, but as long as she's happy and healthy I think that's all that matters.

Totally going to buy the Cosmo with her on it when it comes out.