Lily Donaldson


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Jan 27, 2012
What do guys think? Even though I'm not a huge fan of hers just wanted to know what you guys think of her.

I can't help it but always seem to compare her to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley even though they look quiet different. But I do prefer Lily to Rosie. But at times I think she does look older than she is.

I found a few pictures with Freja and I think she's considerably bigger than her.

In this picture she looks bigger than the other girls
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Her thighs look very average to me, but maybe it's just the picture?


How old is she?
Agree she's a classy model and very gorgeous but for some reason she's not one of my favs - I think it's that in some photos her legs look rather heavy. But saying that - her shots for Dior were amazing, loved them!
I love this girl



Does anyone else see a resemblance to Uma Thurman?
She may be looking 'average' now, but there was a time when she was one of the skinniest models around, to the extent that i am very happy she gained a bit. she looked shocking back then to be honest, especially because you can tell she is not naturally built this way; i think she went over the top with her weight loss.
(her head looks twice as big as her waist. -_____-)
gorgeous face, but her legs look about the same as mine, so im not a fan....
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I don't like her either. She is just avarage. Compared to Freja she looks like an elephant :rolleyes:
lily is one of my favorite models and her style is insane



she may not be the skinniest but she is still one of my favorite models
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Have never been able to get in to, just not a supermodel imo- way too ugly!
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I adore Lily! She's not superskinny, but I think she's gorgeous and talented.
She has the doll-look going on, like Stam and Vlada. The type isn't for everyone, but personally I love it!

Plus, she seems like a sweet, classy, and laid-back person (though of course that's only speculation).






A few years ago she was one of the thinnest models, but then she gained around about the time she was the face of monsoon.
Now she back to being her skinny self, sometimes she can look slightly average as she has very broad shoulders.
She is one of my all time fave models, love her.

the tattoo on her wrist is cute:
It's her mother and sister's name in her own handwriting