Lily Donaldson


She reminds me of Lorde in this last pic.

I agree that she hardly seems to be trying anymore, perhaps she's lost that drive but is still carrying on for money, status, and nothing else to do? I do miss the halcyon days of Lily + Gemma team in editorials and backstage at the shows, their mismatched looks were amazing together in print. I wonder if they are still friends?
VS Show:

What happens at the secret Angel after-after-party? It sounds so glamorous.

I cannot tell you. What happens at the secret Angel party stays at the secret Angel party. But if I'm in charge there's going to be sausage and mash — and sausage rolls! That's easier, actually, [as] when we're done we'll just be able to eat sausage rolls out of [the packets].

Can we talk about the breakfast situation here? What's been happening?
I was on the bus coming here and I said there'd better be an English breakfast, and we got here and there wasn't even eggs! There was only hard-boiled eggs so I think [the caterers] had to go make some more eggs because there was some ... discord. I've heard the lunch is really nice.

What did you have for breakfast?
I had a big bowl of porridge this morning from room service. Is that weird? I woke up early and sat in bed with a big bowl of porridge. I like maple syrup and milk with my porridge, sometimes some honey.

I just wanted something warm and comforting; it's a rainy day — I knew I wasn't going to ... well, I didn't know what the breakfast situation was going to be here, let's say. And I like to have a few breakfasts. My boyfriend often asks me, "Have you had second breakfast yet?"And I'm like, "Haha, I'm on my third." Second breakfast should be coming up now, actually; I'll be rooting around. Oh, I've already had one of Karlie's Kookies! She brought them with her. I was feeling peckish, so there we go.
Her body looks like butter.. :eek::eek: I really hope it's a bad photoshop work (for Vogue Brasil July 2015)


Very 'meh' at the Brit awards. Can't bringt the pictures over. But for the sake of this anti-thighs forum it may be better not to post them.
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I've always thought she was beautiful but she's been looking kinda rough lately face-wise. I feel like her age is showing. she also has a kind of masculine shape to her face. I'm referring to recent pics I've been seeing in DailyMail articles