Lily Cole



Discovered at age 14 in the county of Torquay before moving to London while in primary school. Favorite shoot, her first Steven Meisel shoot for Vogue Italia. At age 16, became the youngest model to appear on the cover of British Vogue. First show was opening Anna Sui in New York. In 2004, won the best model at the British Fashion Awards. Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford are her favorite supermodels. Currently at Cambridge University. Charity work is very important to her, working with Water Aid, The Ethical Justice Foundation, Education Africa and M&S's Plan A green initiative. Just started acting. From Spring/Summer 03 to Spring/Summer 08 walked in 181 fashion shows. Favorite books: Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. (all info from Zainab Jama interview from i-D Magazine, March 2009).









All that compared to a simple:


I love every single spread and shoot and editorial she'd done. (Except maybe Playboy?) And this is the first time I've said this about any model.
I don't like her weird tiny lips/mouth... and I don't care for her red hair. :rolleyes:

Blahh.. I don't really see why she's anything special.
Vogue UK (September 2012)

Photographer|Nick Knight

Fashion Editor|Lucinda Chambers

Hair Stylist|Sam McKnight

Makeup Artist|Val Garland and Petros Petrohilos

Nails|Marian Newman

Editorial|Midas Touch

I don't like her weird tiny lips/mouth... and I don't care for her red hair. :rolleyes:

Blahh.. I don't really see why she's anything special.

I agree. I really don't like her look at all, but I will admit that she takes some nice shots. And I think there is definitely a place for her weird look in fashion (whereas I will never understand Lindsey Wixson and some other weirdos).

But I don't understand why she was cast in Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Her look was just too weird/ugly and a little mature for that role. I think that role should have gone to someone who was more of a traditional ingenue. Not necessarily a super plain face, but definitely not someone with SUCH a weird face AND red hair. Blah. I loved the movie so much but she was really hard on the eyes at times. :hmm:
I love her pale skin and red hair,her weird-beautiful look. She is unique not like almost all the VS girls with their blonde hair and tan.
I like that she has a different look from any other model I've seen. And I feel like she pulls off really artistic photographs well. For me, her pictures are some of the most interesting to look at.
Lily Cole as a Brunette... i think this was in 2010... it looks weird, i can't imagine her with any other hair colour than red. Blond maybe, but dark hair doesn't suit her, i feel the same about Stam.

I remember first seeing her years ago in a shoot with Marilyn Manson, and thinking she was the most intriguingly beautiful thing I'd ever seen. She looks just like a Dollfie.
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She looks a little like Marilyn Manson there with the dark hair!
Too soft and mushy for my taste...a little heavy. I can't tell .. are all of her shots photoshopped. They don't look real.
This is a quite recent photo (July 31st 2012). Her thighs look tiny, :luv:

I love her tiny mouth and red hair. She's really interesting looking. Striking.
In the movie The Moth Diaries




She looked awfully thick and broad. I miss tiny Lily :(