Lera Tribel


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May 11, 2012





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Gorgeous :luv:
I really like her, I think her face is so fresh and beautiful, not weird like a lot of models!
This is going to sound totally weird, but I like how big everything on her face is. Big eyes, big nose, huge mouth - it's all oversized and beautiful.

She's great! Great bod, great everything. I like her.
I like how her facial features come together even though individually they are not 'perfect' (or petite as mentioned above) . Overall she has a unique look...makes her more interesting & memorable. Big lipped and/or baby-doll blondes are lovely of course, but when there are so many they can be categorized as such, that is not a good thing when it comes to being memorable (perhaps outside of those who follow models & fashion closely I suppose). But I like what she brings to the table. I wonder if her natural hair color is red..maybe it's auburn and dyed a bit more red? In any case it suits her and adds more wow factor! Plus her body...skinny, but hourglass? It seems like she has a small waist, I'd be interested in seeing a straight on view of her to see her proportions. Unless my height-o-meter is broken she must not be more than 5'9"...she 'appears' to have a slighter build with less narrow shoulders than someone who is closer to or over 6ft..but quite long arms. hmm
Wow! She is absolute perfection! LOVE her arms and hips!
And she's got an amazing face too!