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Discussion in 'Models' started by Babydoll, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Babydoll

    Babydoll Guest

    I think Lara Stone has a pretty Brigitte Bardot-like face.
    But what do you think about her body?
    She's not really my favorite... She's not really THAT skinny...
    What do you think?
  2. She looks fat in the first pic and I dont care for her face either. Not my cup of tea...
  3. Peppertea3

    Peppertea3 Guest

    She doesn't look like anything special, and she looks flabby and untone\d in the first pic - the only unphotoshopped one. Boring.
  4. analinne

    analinne Rookie

    Jan 16, 2012
    Not a fan at all . She is too big :(



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  5. Victoria

    Victoria Guest

    um, why is she a model..? :confused:
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  6. Isabel

    Isabel Worker Bee

    Jan 27, 2012
    I can see Brigitte in her face, however Brigitte>>>>>>

    And while I do think she's too wide/big to be a runway model, I do think she could have some amazing legs and arms if she lost a bit of weight/did a little resistance training so they don't just look like flab.
  7. Cel

    Cel Guest

    I agree that there is something about her face that I like but her body...
    I think she could have an amazing figure if she lost a few. I mean her stomach is pretty flat, even now, and her proportions are good. She just needs to be thinner.
  8. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Guest

    She used to be much thinner when she began her career. Now she hasn't been working as a runway model for 2 years or so for obvious reasons. She gains and loses weight from time to time, but in a slight progression toward weight gain. I guess she still gets her money from Calvin Klein and not so rare Vogue shoots. I just wonder what she's gonna do after people will lose interest in her... Lose weight, get a new job or rely on her husband?

    Still, she looks better with extra weight on than Lily Cole, who looks just ick. It must be because a lot of it goes to her boobs and upper body, leaving legs more normal looking. Anyway, I can't say anything too harsh about her, because I can't help but feel some sort of sympathy for her face and all...but she has been a disappointment, however.
  9. SkinnyNC

    SkinnyNC Guest

    Uninspiring. Next please...
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  10. lyssa

    lyssa Guest

    i've never really been a fan of hers, her body is really unattractive. especially in that first pic, she looks awful.
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  11. StarvedFatass

    StarvedFatass Rookie

    Jan 19, 2012
    i am interested to see some real life pics of her standing from side. then we could see if her stomach is not bumping out and how fat her butt is.. :p
    Does anyone know her measurements?
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  12. Lisbeth

    Lisbeth Guest

    I constantly get logged out when trying to post something. Arrrrgh, it's so annoying and frustrating. Now I have to write everything again but I don't even feel like it!

    Well, then I'll just outline the most important points I was going to make:

    Even if I disliked Lara Stone completely (which I don't), she'd still be great because of one (or two) things:
    Boooooooooooobies! :shy:


  13. ExtraShot

    ExtraShot Guest

    i really like her face! she has good legs too (sometimes) but her waist is pretty flat/thick. when shes slim it looks good if she dresses well, but its so apparent when she has gained that her waist isnt that tiny, which i think you need when you have bazoomas like hers ;)
  14. smallbones

    smallbones Rookie

    Feb 9, 2012
    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! That's all I have to say---no-- wait ..I have more. I find her so beautiful. I love her bone structure, her lips, and her gap teeth. Her body is great. It's not my cup of tea, but her figure suits her well. She's definitely one of my favorite models.:luv:
    Lara backstage

    Smoke break:luv:
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  15. Noodle12

    Noodle12 Rookie

    Jan 23, 2012
    I like her - her face is interesting and she's got the potential to look REALLY great if she loses 5-10lbs and tones up.
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  16. Lisbeth

    Lisbeth Guest

    I don't think she needs to change anything about her appearance and in my opinion she looks absolutely stunning. The fact that she looks so womanly is what makes her so appealing (at least to me) and I know this is a "skinny gossip" site but whenever I read something like that I get so angry. Not everybody needs to look like a fucking twig just to be considered beautiful. I mean, look at Chloe Memisevic. What does she weigh? Ten pounds? And not even that can save her from looking like a complete retard.
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  17. ExtraShot

    ExtraShot Guest

    everything about this post = :luv:
  18. Melancholia

    Melancholia Rookie

    Jan 21, 2012
    The thing is- Lara has been called fat over and over again by people, since she's a D cup and size 4. Yet, she is an international phenom, a staple in American Vogue, and the no. 1 model out there. Her "fat" makes her stand out from the pack. If every model looked like Freja Beha, it would be awfully boring, right? Lara is fine the way she is even if it's not our ideal.
  19. 71000

    71000 Rising Star

    May 11, 2012
    Lara Stone is an amazing model. Her Vogue Paris cover is iconic, she is talented, her look is unique yet beautiful, her work for Calvin Klein in particular is stunning, and she is well on her way to becoming an icon. I was shocked that she and Natasha weren't moved to the icons list this fashion week.

    And I think her body is good. She doesn't need to look emaciated to look good in clothes, as shown by her stunning Calvin Klein ads.

    This is stunning <3
  20. RedGlitter

    RedGlitter Guest

    Girl, you made my day! Thanks for saying that! I love Lara Stone`s look and I was suprised that she is seen so negative over here. She´s not skinny, but she looks damn hot, especially her face is so hot that whatever goes on with her thighs..she would still be...HOT! :D

    I mean..look at that bone structure in her face..its just..woooah...even if I would´ve been dead straight I would become gay for Lara Stone.

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