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Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by theannase, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. theannase

    theannase Guest

    What do you think of her?

    She has always been one of the 'bigger' celebs, but I think that she used to have a pretty face when she was younger. Now that she is older, I think she looks a bit like a man; but it does look like she has lost some weight.

    Do you even recognize her one the st. johns shots? pretty much photoshopped? :hmm:

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  2. AnastasiaB

    AnastasiaB Rookie

    May 30, 2012
    I like Kate mainly because she is not afraid to poke fun at herself but I do feel sorry because she obviously has weight issues. She looks gorgeous at her lower weight but it is apparently not maintainable. When she gains the weight back she gains what looks like 30-40lbs. I would rather see her at 10-15lbs heavier and keep her weight stable than this yo-yoing she is doing.
  3. Phoebe

    Phoebe Rookie

    Mar 2, 2012
    I love Kate as an actor and she seems like a really strong, intelligent woman in real life. However, I wish she would lose 10 kilos! She has such a gorgeous face, it would suit her so well and make her look so much younger.
  4. floatingthistle

    Feb 13, 2012
    i love her too much as an actress that i often dont notice her weight, im often too distracted by her talent
    but yes, she does seem to struggle with maintaining her weight
    i agree, she should prob just find a healthy maintainable weight and stick to it, rather than fluctuate with dieting and then no dieting
  5. Babydoll

    Babydoll Guest

    I adore Kate and yes, she has never been a thinspo, but hey! She has never been too fat. Chubby, but not absolutely fat (don't wanna be mean but... Kate was never Adele). In fact, I think she's one of the only real curvy (and when I mean curvy, I mean actually curvy, like, Liz Taylor and Rita Hayworth curvy) celebs. Look:
  6. leila

    leila Worker Bee

    Jan 22, 2012
    well she's not fat or out of shape....I guess people would call her curvy? either way, good actress but not an inspirational body....
  7. Athena

    Athena Rookie

    Mar 10, 2012
    My thoughts exactly. Plus, she's always struck me as very intelligent and down-to-earth.
  8. I love her as an actress and just wish her the best when it comes to her weight. If she's comfortable with how she looks, then so be it. She seems healthy.
  9. Sadistic

    Sadistic Rising Star

    Jan 26, 2012
    Her weight is so irrelevant as she is exceptional and breaks every rule! She is amazingly striking, talented and beautiful actress. She always dresses with value and high taste. My favorite!
  10. romanticism

    romanticism Guest


    She's a beautiful and classy lady, in my opinion.
  11. skinnyrunner

    skinnyrunner Guest

    I love Kate Winslet! She is so honest about who she is, and the fact that she has lost weight as she's gotten older, is simply amazing. I don't care if she's got some curves. She's still inspiring! :grin:
  12. MinnieMay

    MinnieMay Guest

    I love her as actress and woman either...she seems a really nice person too!
  13. Emerald Eyes

    Emerald Eyes Guest

    Kate's a true English rose and, while she'll never be a skinnie minnie and doesn't seem to aspire to be, she's a beautiful woman and a fantastic actress :luv:
  14. Amazing actress!! She always seemed to have weight issues and just accepted the fact that she wouldnt be able to maintain a small figure. I really like that movie The Holiday. I cant be mean, shes one of my fave actresses.
  15. Emerald Eyes

    Emerald Eyes Guest

    Ooh I like that movie too! So romantic!
  16. DiamondDog

    DiamondDog Guest

    I couldn't say a bad word about her, I love her too. Even a higher weight she dresses so beautifully and looks gorgeous and classy. Maybe not thinspo, but still a beautiful woman!

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