Izabel Goulart <3


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Feb 5, 2012
could that be that i didn't find a thread about her?
i love her, she looks so beautiful...:luv:





I think she's lost a couple of pounds recently and toned up. Her abs!





On the new show "The Face" on Oxygen, they mislabeled her as Alessandra

This has happened so many times with the both of them. Embarrassing.
i didnt know she was "known"! ive followed her on instagram for a while and just thought she was one of those fitness models with a lot of followers haha. i love her body, she resembles Alessandra.
She is a little too "fitspo" for my taste, but Izabel is absolutely beautiful! I wish she wasn't mixed up with Alessandra all the time; she deserves more publicity in my opinion.
she may not be sg skinny, but i think she is very beautiful and cute, and i admire her determination; she seems to work out every other day.

recent pictures from her instagram









i agree with MaigreToujours, she is rather fitspo and a bit too toned for my taste. however, i think she is lovely anyway.
I have a love-hate relationship with her.
I find her to be extremely inspiring on one side of the spectrum, even though she is not my body ideal, but I admire her dedication and the fact that she is always radiant and happy looking.
I also find her beautiful sometimes... but mostly she is too harsh for my taste. She plays "the sexy" too aggressively, and I hate how she crooks her mouth when posing (seems to be her "signature"). Reminds me of the thing that Nicole Scherzinger goes with her mouth that I totally dislike. The grimacing can be too much, often.
This, however - not my cup of tea. Her abdomen is a bit too lumpy with muscles.

agree, i think she looked better before. i don't understand, while i admire her workout routine and decipline, why she obviously does so many exercises which make her so bulky :confused: i'm sure she'd look way better with more pilatis/ballet or something like this...
Her body is definitely bangin' sexy (whilst being a little too muscular). I wouldn't turn it down ;) With that being said, I do believe she has one of the most gorgeous faces that VS has ever seen. She is just literally drop dead gorgeous.
@visna Exactly. It always confuses me when girls (like her) have the ability to look incredible with a beautiful skinny frame, but they choose to look super fit instead.

I mean, some women just can't produce a long, dainty body - I don't think I'll ever be able to tone down some of the muscle I have - so sure, be fit, be determined, work out.

But her skinny body is so loooovely... WHY?
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Actually, I often take a look at her Instagram account whenever I feel lazy and need some motivation to do my workout of the day, ha ha!

Beyond her amazing figure, what I really like about her is that she seems to have a very enthusiastic, grateful and motivated attitude; she always looks healthy and vital and looks like she has fun and looks on the bright side of life.

could that be that i didn't find a thread about her?
i love her, she looks so beautiful...:luv:


Even though I agree with you girls that her torso usually looks a bit too fitspo and ultra-toned for my taste, the picture above is pretty much what I am aiming to achieve, body wise. :luvluv: