Interesting model weightloss story


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May 24, 2012
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Kudos to her! I can really identify because I used to be "the big girl" among lots of skinny girls and now that I've dropped 30 lbs, people ask me if I'm ok and keep talking about how I used to pudgy, therefore undermining my efforts by thinking that I'm abnormal for caring about how I look and thinking that the only way for me to have dropped was for me to be unwell.

She has a really interesting face IMO. I like that she's happy with how she looks now and not feeling too pressured to lose more.
Emery's model agent, Amanda Betts of Red Eleven, was surprised to find out about her dramatic weight loss.

"I couldn't put my finger on what it was about her when she first came into the agency," Betts said. "She had this quiet confidence about her that was wonderful and unusual. Once she told us of her personal achievement through her weight loss, it all made perfect sense."

I love this part.

I think this makes her special, different than the other models, the girls who were always lean. Attitude and the way a person ''radiates'' can be a big deal, IMO. Maybe she'll become successful because of that specialness, it'd be so cool. :)
This part where the girl's mom says:

"Nobody called me up expressing concerns for Holly being obese, but as soon as she gets slim everyone is so quick to jump on the bandwagon and make accusations [about an eating disorder]. It is really wrong."

spot on. its something we talk about on SG all the time, the double standards. Oh and the average bmi for an NZ woman being 27......yikes. Awesome inspiring article, thanks for sharing :)
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loved it. I really feel identified as well, as I was very fat at 16 (around 194 pounds) and lost it in a weight loss treatment but still now that I'm on the opposite situation, my mom is always pressuring me to eat more and I am like "why weren't you as involved in my eating habits when I was clearly dangerously overweight?"
I hope she is successful and is able to do all the things she wants to do, she deserves it after all the hard work. so inspiring!
@sabine, thanks for sharing :luv: It's so refreshing to see an article with a balanced point of view about weight loss and modelling, and this girl is such an amazing example of what slimming down can do for your body and your confidence.
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Good on her! She seems to have a very sensible, enlightened head on her shoulders!

The bookers at Red11 have made an excellent contribution too; they're not silly! ;)

This certainly does highlight the double standard that has saturated society! :rolleyes:
Thanks for sharing!

I feel happy for her. Amazing how people's looks change when they loose weight. She's very cute I think.
I loved this quote from the second article:
"Yes, she is what you'd classify as slim, but her father is 6ft7," Leonie said. "Nobody called me up expressing concerns for Holly being obese, but as soon as she gets slim everyone is so quick to jump on the bandwagon and make accusations [about an eating disorder]. It is really wrong."

Yep. Double standards abounds!

Her story is truly inspiring, though.
Good for her!!! I love experiences like this! She was actually motivated to change, not just complain that she was overweight.
A unique beauty.
My favorite quote from the mom is:
"...Holly has a healthy approach to food. Food is not my daughter's enemy as the case for some people. She has simply worked out how best to get long sustainable energy out of it."

It is great that she has a healthy attitude about food!
It's really inspiring that someone can get model thin from an overweight starting point. This girl is the perfect example of how someone can be skinny AND healthy, as well as the unfortunate and unfair judgements that skinnies can face from peers.
Thanks for sharing!
thanks @sabine for this story and I think it's a great message that is being put out there--especially about the part of her being a real woman.
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Ohh you've dashed my dream. I imagined a sleeker, more glamourous version of her, sauntering around Auckland together. It's good you've seen her though, No one. That's a sign she's got lots of support behind her.