Jan 22, 2012
I think the clothes as H&M are really cute. I recently bought this little black dress (I'll post the picture) and it really shows off a person's thinness. Everytime I go in the store they have a new collection of clothes, which I like. Do you guys think their sizes run true to a person's size?
Also the prices won't kill your bank account :)


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H&M always reads my mind; I love this store.

I bought a black dress too. hehe. I like to wear it with skinny leggings & mix it with gold accessories :luv:

edit: my black dress is of a different style, but that one looks nice.
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Their size XS is like M probably and the knits are terrible quality. They are cute, but where I live, the quality is awful and due to the sizing I look in everything like if I had stolen some chubby's garments, yuck :p
I love black dresses and the gold accessories is a great idea!

And yeah I find some of their clothes to be overflowing, but do you guys find their leather pants to run large or small?
H&M in Canada is shitty shitty quality. I'd rather pay more to wear something that is soft, comfortable, and durable, with a good cut. H&M only looks good on the rack.

But to answer your question, I find shirts/dresses run a size bigger and pants are about true to size. Even their XS is kind of loose on me.
I love H&M, but I think their "ranges" vary in sizing - some are very generous, but some run very small :/
Where I live H&M has also very, very low quality... I had a shirt I really loved but then.. i washed it. Now it's usable only when cleaning my floor.
It's a tricky place when it comes to quality and sizing. I was lucky with their clothes :) I don't risk machine wash with their cardigans, though.
Divided (a collection for youths have small sizing), regular collection... well, I wouldn't order their clothes online, that's for sure. One dress will be just perfect, another will come out huge and weird :)
It is true their stuff is cheap quality and Im going to check out that link. I never knew about that! Their leggins rip so easy. Forever 21 too, their clothes last for such a short time. But I still do love H&M and I love Freja's campaigns for them lol.
The H&M 'Juniors' collection runs true to size but is poorly made.

The H&M 'Ladies' collection runs large, but is very, very well made.

The store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles is split into two halves. I prefer the ladies stuff - higher quality for relatively the same price as the juniors crap.
H&M campaigns make the clothes look so good. But every time I walk in to look at their stuff it looks really cheap and tacky. I did once buy a long vest top and it ripped soon afterwards. I can't really comment on the sizing as thats the only thing I've ever brought from H&M.

I would much rather spend a lot of money on clothing that lasts a long time.
I find that it really depends with H&M. I've bought some fabulous stuff there that's lasted me for years, and then other stuff just about fell apart or completely lost its shape after the first wash (same goes for the Zara TRF collections, btw).
Not sure about their sizing, I guess it's pretty true to size, though their pants don't fit me at all, tight at the thighs and very loose and flappy around the waist and hips, even in the small sizes, but that's probably just me :p
I love H&M but their sizes are pretty different sometimes. I have an XS shirt that fits me a little big on the waist but I also have a S size dress that it's too tight on the waist! so yeah, don't order online.
I actually love H&M mostly for the bags, dresses and underwear. Short sometimes, coats sometimes, tops not very often, shoes nope. Pants/Jeans NEVER .
Here they only have jeans that are from a size 36 and up ( I live in europe).
The children's department though is really good for jeans. I'm not tall, so the pants aren't short, and they actually have my size. which is 12 year old, 158 cm tall.
I can't find any Jeans there. They always either fit at the top and are way too short, or they are long enough but too big at the top.
I have a 26/34 (26 is how wide the pants are at the hips, 34 is the length of the pants) and all I could get at H&M is either a 26/32 (looks horrible around the ankles :'D) or a 29/34 (could run around with no pants, though, since they would just fall down.)
The H&M in my town never has my size in jeans. I was around a 27 waist the last time I went shopping, probably quite a bit smaller now, and there wasn't anything smaller than a 29. Boooooo. I agree with the other comments about their junior line running a tad small and their regular line running huge, though!
Yesterday I went to H&M hoping to get some cheap shorts. I know I should have known better, but for some reason seeing around 15 different types of shorts blinded me enough to carry them all to the dressing room.

Some were just a bit too loose, some were simply too large, and the prettiest pair would fit 1,5 of me.

And I'm not even skinny.
i do like H&M, i recently bought a gorgeous mint green dress which seems to be pretty good quality, but they seem to have started putting this weird smell into their stores... its like Hollister and their smell, only the H&M smell is utterly HORRID and it gives me a headache. so i've been put off them a bit.