From thin to fat


Worker Bee
Jan 23, 2012


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WTF :wtf:

Why is it called from thin to fat? Most pics are more like "from fat to obese" :nervous:
Wow, just wow. I know girls who have gained weight for bigger breast, but I've never met someone that wanted to be fat all over with a sagging belly.
"This is my goal body for 2015" (extremely fat picture). They act like it's hard and admirable......
"This is my goal body for 2015" (extremely fat picture). They act like it's hard and admirable......

Bet it is hard to earn all the cash for the tons of food while every day you become less and less agile :wtf:
i fear the fattening of the overall population is making this shit attractive to more and more people
fat/chubby is becoming an ideal

i don't want a world like this, guys

these pictures disgust me on a primal level.
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oh my god, that's disgusting! how can someone do something like this only voluntarily? I do not understand people like that! Disgusting!
Fuck me.

I've always brushed off comments like "I prefer curves" and "fat is beautiful" as something fat chicks tell themselves to justify greed and to soothe their ego, but secretly they'd kill to be skinny.

Now my whole perception of the world is warped.

Thanks a lot :p:grin:
Anonymus: It's so beautiful to watch all those skinnies becoming fat!

Skinnies? I can't see any of them being skinny before! I feel like an alien, everyone surrounding us have completly diffrent opinions and ways they see bodies ._.
I should take my 'before' pictures in tight jeans with the zipper bust open and my shirt half rolled up too :lol:
It should really be motivating.. judging by how I feel right after seeing that site