Day-to-night shoes

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Feb 8, 2012
What styles of shoe work for wearing to the office and then straight out afterwards? I'll be traveling for work in the next few months and don't want to pack hundreds of pairs of shoes. I need flats for sightseeing so am looking for something versatile that will do for meetings and bars.
I'd do a nude or black pump in whatever heel height works for you. Boring, yes, but super-versatile and you can compensate with your clothing and accessories.
I just ordered these beauties from zara - though I'm not sure if open-toed shoes are considered appropriate where you work. I agree with the basic nude or black heels though for sure :)

What sort of work dress-code do you have?

If it's quite formal, but you need to go schlapping around on foot when sightseeing, how about some classic masculine loafers or suede pumps with a bit of a fashion-twist


Nicholas Kirkwood

Tabitha Simmons

If you're work place vibe is more casual, then maybe you could go for sandals....

K Jacques St Tropez

Paloma Barcelo


Stella McCartney (also come in nude, white, black etc)
For me a 4.5-5" pump with a thicker heal and a slight hidden platform are the most comfortable, and I can wear them all day.
Make sure you break them in now though.
A wedge shoe is comfortable for all day walking too.
Or you can do a flat sandal that's in a metallic color, this way it's easy to dress up or down.