Celeb Doppelganger


May 27, 2012
So I think it would be fun to see who everyone's celebrity doppelgänger, also known as your celebrity look-a-like! So girls who is yours??
So I think it would be fun to see who everyone's celebrity doppelgänger, also known as your celebrity look-a-like! So girls who is yours??
I don't think I have an exact look-a-like but I've heard:
Angie Harmon
Shania Twain (Canadian country singer)
also when I have bangs people say I look like Angelina Jolie in SALT

except these ladies all have mature looks to them, I'm just 24 so I don't have the mature looks like they do yet...
I don't think there's anyone who really looks similar to me BUT my sister's boyfriend once told me I look like Kellie Pickler, my mom thinks I look like Chelsea Kane, and a boy at school told me I remind him of Chloe Moretz.
I get Kiersten Dunst (in interview with a vampire) and Evan Rachel Wood.
But Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry are identical to me

I dont know how to edit my post.. I meant I think they look identical to each other.. They look nothing like me.

I get told Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez, both who I wouldnt be crazy about to say the least
Vanessa Carlton, I've been told.
I can see it, but I don't look like her in my pictures? Only in real life. Weird.
Mary-Kate Olsen when she has slightly darker/redder hair. I actually think she can look quite pretty...but you could never call that statement flattering (in a blanket way). You never know if people mean "Hot Mess":







I'm often told Jessica Alba for my face, and in the last few years, Audrey Hepburn for my dressing style.
I get young Angelina Jolie and Kiera Knightly "when she's smiling" (I had never really noticed her smile--I've always suspected her of an overbite--doNOThave--but apperently, according to people in bars, we share it).

Random people seem to think it's okiedokie to just approach me, hault whatever conversation I am having with friend/client/bf, spill their assessment of my features; break down: 75% nose (it's artic-circle tiny, some people even try to touch it:wtf:) 20% lips (giant:kiss:) 15% ginger hair.

Really. Really. Embarassing. :oops:

Did not have an easy-go in grade school.


People don't comment much but these are the ones I get.

Ashley Rickards from "awkward" on MTV. I picked this photo because I make that face A LOT.

This disney girl.

This other disney girl.

And (younger) Demi Lovato.

The weird thing is none of these girls really look alike.

Also, apparently my face is VERY Disney. I guess I have a somewhat young/child-like face.
Emma Bunton. Well I think she's pretty... but I don't really see the resemblance.


She's a dutch actress and when I had short hair my parents told me I looked like her? I don't see it, still don't XD

a friend told me I look like taylor swift but I refuse to believe that :run:
I once heard Evan Rachel Wood, but I don't really see it except for maybe a few pictures. i guess we have similar type of ''beauty'' but that's it.

I have been told several times that I look like Gwyneth Paltrow, but I don't really see it. I have also been told that I look like Kirsten Dunst, so I think any actress with pale skin and blonde hair could remind someone of me.