Cameron Diaz



I'm a fan of fitspo and skinny + athletic looking women, but i think Cameron Diaz has taken it too far. Especially her arms are too muscular and too big for the rest of her body.

What do you think?





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Her arms are big compared to the rest of her body, but they don't bother me as much as her stomach
Her abs/lack of waist definition makes her look like a female bodybuilder in the making.
I mean, I'm all for working out & being healthy, but as long as your body doesn't lose it's femininity :S
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It's the gym addict Madonna look- not likely to go away any time soon.
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Holy guacamole, she looks like a man, especially cos she seems to have lost her tits from working out so much.
She has no waist! Just a chest like a man! its weird. I have never been a fan but she used to have an okay figure
I agree - she's overdone the arms. Her legs are her best feature. I also think she should cut her stringy hair.
Her legs look very good, but her arms...oh...much too much and also that she has no waist anymore. That scares me a belly is much to flabby and for now hers still looks better, but I don´t wanna look like that in the waistarea in a few months anyway :wtf: Have to stay careful with the exercises I choose. Hopefully it works, cause I would suppose a superrich girl like Cameron has specialists around who look that her body gets the shape she wants. Well, maybe she likes it like that, should not forget that ;)
OMG this is what happens when you take toning too far ... yuck!
MUCHO MAN!!! Nah not a look for me as other have stated above, no waist= YUCK!, Looks like she has the body of a man= Double YUCK, and her thighs look huge with muscle= Triple Yuck. You use to look okay in Charlie's Angels... but that has obvious gone and other the window
Too musculous, she doesn't look like a women at all. I don't care if she is slim and tonned, but look at those disgusting arms :superpuke:
i like her. i feel a bit sorry for her in a way, cos no way would she ever have a waist, at whatever weight she is. thats just not her natural figure, shes tall and lean. very manly figure. kudos to her for doing the work to be honest! i'd rather have no waist and be muscly than no waist and be chubz
I never thought she had a nice body, no matter how skinny she gets, she'll always look manly. Even though some high fashion models are crazy skinny, they still look ultra feminine. I would not want to look this muscular and I think she looks like a young man.
I think her body is masculine and nothing special. Her skin is what bothers me. It looks stretched out over her stomach and too right on her arms. Up close in movies and pictures it looks like she has a lot of sun damage to her skin too, very wrinkled and blotchy.
I wonder what her workout routine is like? I don't want to look like her, but I need to get in shape super fast...
She has a very unfortunate body type, which is sad since you can't change it. At least, as someone above said, she's active.