Britney Spears

Rectangular. She would have to be 40lbs lighter and shot at an angle to pretend to be hours glass, or at a minimum, her tummy would have to be smaller than her hips..

I am going to see her in concert in a few months and relive my childhood. I'm honestly pretty excited, even though I am not the biggest fan of her newer stuff (music, look, etc). I used to idolize her since my body tends to be quite rectangular/"apple" also and at one point, eons ago, she didn't look too horrible

Oops, she should've better worked it herself!
'Work bitch'. Rofl, that's what I would call a paradoxon.

I wish they would leave this girl alone. She was meant to be in the music business from 1999-2002. Everything afterwards seemed to be 'robotic'.
Britney bitch is a Las-Vegas-show girl now, rofl,



There are many other funny gifs. It's too painful to post.
Sorry Britney, but you have very poor skills in photoshopping your inner thighs.

Aaaand from earlier that day:




DM literally captioned underneath these photos, "Oops I Did It Again: She seems to be taking advantage of the fringe benefits of partaking in an extensive fitness regime."

"Extensive" as in . . . how wide you can open your mouth?
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I have such a soft spot for her. I don't care how much she eats or weighs, as long as she's in a better place mentally. I think she's been looking quite good lately, and clearly she has lost weight (even without photoshop). I just want her to be happy. :flower:
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Takedowns? :flower:

Seriously though, If she was ever moved to Takedowns I think I’d be slightly disappointed. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Britney. I grew up listening to her music as a teenager. And I really admire her for having the strength and courage to turn her life around after hitting rock bottom many years ago. As much as she’s a celebrity with millions of dollars to her name, I don’t know if her life is particularly great. Maybe I’ve just fallen for the stories perpetuated by the media, but her life seems so lonely and sad. I know she’s not even slim anymore but i can’t hate her for it. Plus, i personally think Taylor Swift is much more deserving of a place in the Takedowns section than Britney!

While I’m here, a little throw back to Britney in her prime!

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