best inspiration: models you resemble a bit?


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Feb 5, 2012
hey girls,

lately i somehow discovered that it is so much more inspiring for me to use a model as inspiration that i resemble a bit, face-wise, bone structure-wise, or anything...

there are so many models i adore, but i know, that i could never achieve their look because they have a completely different face, natural hair/skin colour or so...

do you also feel that models you resemble a bit are a better motivation or do you just care mostly about their skinny bodies?

which model do you resemble?

for me, it is lily aldridge :luv:
Great thread, love it!
well, I'm a shorter and fatter version of Switzerland model Leyla Hodzic...she's got my hairstyle, similar face and body structure! Plus, she's from my country!

Irina Shayk!!!
I love her face (sadly I do not look anything like her) - I think my body frame is a bit like hers. I also have quite big boobs, and some thighs - I am hoping that if I lose enough weight, I will look like her someday. :luv:


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I'm the shorter, fatter, tanned and less attractive 14-year-old version of Fei Fei Sun. She has my hair and my small bone structure. But I have a smaller button nose (kind of like young Gemma Ward's) and my eyes are a bit bigger.
So my nose looks like this (but not half as pretty as it looks on Gemma):

And my face is a bit like this:


Oh, screw this! I'm not as pretty as them! :lol:
Of course I'm not as pretty or skinny as any of them, but my inspirations are Abbey Lee, Vlada and Gemma Ward, because I have a similar complexion/face type/hair :p



I would say Sasha Pivovarova.

I have iceblue eyes like her, hair color (her natural), similar face shape + bone structure and same body type ("apple-ish" with slim arms and fuller legs, chunky legs.. ) although I'm fatter than her :nopity:


I'm a cross between Miranda Kerr and Daphne Groeneveld (I'm not too fond of her actually...) I've got "chubby cheeks" -but without miranda's lovely dimples or such a nice face shape- , big lips and blue eyes (thank god, nothing like daphne's :p)


Which model do you look like?

It's just for fun. I won't judge you, no matter who you choose ;)

I look like Christy Turlington. This one is actually uncannily like me (but I'm generally more, uh, dishevilled :oops:):


So who do you look like?
Models who you look like are the best thinspo! I have similar facial structure to Freja - strong cheekbones, high forehead and similar proportions. But I haven't got big lips or long eyes like her, dammit. So I can assure you I look nowhere near as pretty as she is hehe.

Its kind of hard to say, I have a strange face *laughs*

On what other people told me, I could be a mix of these ladies (less gorgeous of course :D)

Definately in some pics this gorgeous girl from Iceland I discovered over here at SG has some similarities with me, but her body and face shape are way better, haha :D



Not a model, but still...Romy Schneider, in this picture and some others. Not all, cause she looks very different in pictures I have the feeling.


And sometimes I was told I look a bit like Susie, but I think thats not true, its just because of my green eyes, dark hair and pale skin, I see no other similarities (unfortunately, I adore her even more than her husband though I he´s my Nr.1 WTF-crush ;))

I'm loving this thread! You're such lucky ducks to look like Sasha P, Miranda Kerr, Abbey Lee etc..
I personally don't know who I look like yet, I need to do some more digging but one thing that I could say is that I have Bambi NB's eyebrows and am about as tall as her I think. That's great inspiration for me because I used to hate my big brows until I saw more of them in the industry.
Although I look nothing like her, i have the same body Type as Candice Swanepoel (except I'm fatter). I hate being a pear, i hate my thighs but my upper body looks pretty good.
I wish there were more middle eastern models, even though I don't look like most Lebanese girls I might identify with an Arab model.
Maybe if I post a picture soon enough someone will find my doppelgänger? :p

(sorry for the wall of text guys. Once I start writing, I can't stop)