ANTM 'loser' Leila Goldkhul



She looks damn good with this new look - shot by Lotus Josephine.






I get that the gap toothed look is edgy and kinda in right now... but she looks so much better with her mouth shut.
Yeah, this is why I have a really hard time taking Top Model seriously. And McKey winning cycle 11 and Analeigh getting eliminated? :hmm: and then in cycle 12 that fucking girl Teyona winning over Allison and Fo getting eliminated before Aminat??? Just whaT????

yeah, screw Top Model ahahaha
That half-lidded look is so irritating. And her eyes always look dead, like she's a well placed corpse. It really takes focus away from her slender arms and torso.

Can't say I'm a fan, or surprised she didn't win.
Yeah, she's not the greatest model alive, but I love the bleached brows! I think she looks great. Big step up.
She's very commercial, but in a slender delicate way.
Also the only contestant in that cycle to have a model-like body.
Laura was SO average and just... LARGE. Obviously Tyra let her win :rolleyes:
i think she is very beautiful! just like @pixiedingoi said, i am not too fond of the tooth gap too, but i love her freckles. really cute!
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Does she know that she can actually change the expression on her face per photo?

It's a shame because I really like her look and her hair is lovely but that strung out facial expression :rolleyes:
I really love her look. Obviously not ANTM material though :rolleyes:

Have any ANTM girls (including losers) gone on to actually model?
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Have any ANTM girls (including losers) gone on to actually model?

Besides Analeigh Tipton becoming pretty successful in acting, I'm not sure any of the ANTM girls have been recognized outside of the show for... anything, really.

I'd say this shoot for Leila shows she's out ranked the others. Also, Allison Harvard did pretty well for herself, although she's more involved in her art than her modelling career.

ANTM is an absolutely ridiculous show.
AW: ANTM 'loser' Leila Goldkhul

It's the same with the german version of topmodel. A week or so the recent season endet and the girls were nice and pretty but in no way modelmaterial :what: .

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I really love her look. Obviously not ANTM material though :rolleyes:

Have any ANTM girls (including losers) gone on to actually model?

A few girls have had pretty good commercial careers - Fo, Yaya, Bre, Eugena, and Fatima. Fatima was actually in the Herve Leger campaign a few seasons ago, and Mollie-Sue was in a Diesel campaign also. Brittani Kline was in a Benetton advertorial. Adrianne Curry turned into a reality star and was on the cover of Playboy (twice?). Toccara became a reality star too I think and she had a huge spread by Steven Meisel in the black issue of Vogue Italia. Jane Randall did a lot of high-end catalogue stuff before she went back to get her degree at Princeton. Katarzyna had a short lived HF career I think. Some of the girls do small, local modeling, but most of them just do a few tests and end up quitting.
She has a shitload of new work from Australia and Korea. She's been working nonstop in secondary markets.

Noblesse Magazine

"Cool Glam"
Madame Germany January 2014





The Traveller Magazine

Nice polaroids from Next LA. Totally envious of her eyes.

a few tests from her Next LA portfolio

From what I saw, she absolutely killed it in Australia. Here are some of my favourites from her more recent work (in 4 parts)..


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Part 2


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