Annalynne McCord


Can't see her thighs but I prefer this look. @Xsmall :kiss:
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She looks like a totally different person, I would never have recognized her. She looks great - one of those people that just looks better in clothes?
She looks like she's naturally pretty slim. Her body has been fairly consistent over the years, and I feel like even if she did totally stop watching what she eats,, she wouldn't look too hopeless.
From yesterday



Definitely not the best thighs (but we've all covered that) but i think her stomach looks really good here; not too many celebs look good in beach candids, and she's clearly just natural right now (not sucking in or anything)


I don't know why, but I always forget the difference makeup and Photoshop (mostly photoshop) does. One article said she day "lip injections" but I can't see it
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She looks pretty good compared to recent photos earlier this year. Her stomach has always been so tiny, but at one point her thighs were starting to scare me.

Same, she's definitely pear shaped. She looks much better in this picture. Hopefully, its not just the angle and pose it was taken at.