Annalynne McCord



I really don`t know why there isn`t ana thread about her XD I just love her body, she is soo stunning. This flat stomach and her legs... she just looks so beautifull and is my number one thinspo:luv:

sorry... i`m new and am not sure how to insert a picture XD maybe someone can help me and put one in?




awww thank you so much... I love her body in the black bikini. She just looks so fit, skinny and has just the right amount of muscles...
Anyone know how tall she is, how much she weighs and her bmi?
She's pretty, but sometimes I think her poses are too forced. It doesn't look natural at all.



okayy... we got it



I think she is a bit trashy, but hot. She has a great flat tummy and such a huge presence. I like her, but she needs to relax a little.
haha...her. I like how on gofugyourself they always call her Drunkface McCord. Her body's not bad, at least she still has a small waist & doesn't look overly manly (cough cough Cameron Diaz) even if she is inching towards that that LA muscular/blondie look though. (At least it's better than the LA cokehead look!).
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Her body looks amazing in some of those pics. Sometimes her thighs look jiggly though. Lol to the kissy pics. Never noticed her before. Anyone know her stats?
I think she's stunning and her body is amazing, so fit. I'd love to know what exercises she does to stay so lean and toned. 90210 is such my guilty pleasure and I love Naomi's character :)
I envy her amount of muscle tone, but I would never want to be her size, tbh.
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I love her upper body and her face is just so gorgeous!
But I'm not sure about her thighs...
did she lose weight?
anyway, i like her athletic physique (especially her butt), though i don't really aspire to look like her.
Apart from her thighs Annalynne has an amazing body, I wish my stomach could be as flat and toned as hers. Does anyone know what her workout/exercise routines are?
I read that she has also done some triathlons. The cycling may be the reason she has larger quads - it's something I have noticed. However, larger quads mean your body burns more calories each day which leans the rest of your body out. The rest of her body is my ideal: lean, tight, tiny but has some subtle definition and is very fit.