Andreea Diaconu


Worker Bee
Jan 16, 2012

Hair color
Dark brown

Eye color

5'10.5" ; 179cm


(US) 32-23-34 ;
(EU) 81-58.5-86.5








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Finally a romanian model :luv: I don't know how I didn't think to make a thread about her so thanks @deerskulls



Jason Wu Pre-fall 2013

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She has one of those great versatile faces that looks great in candid shots and in editorial. I love a girl with thick (but not unruly) brows and hers are perfect. A real classic beauty :luv:

She also has a gorgeous smile
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i saw a streetstyle photo of her on tumblr, and remembered i've been meaning to make a thread for a while!
romanians represent xD
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Lovely! I don't really trust those measurements, but I think her body has a nice curvy-thin feminine look. I also want to buy whatever she wears, so I guess that's a good sign!
I first heard about her just yesterday when I saw her new campaign for VS PINK, and looked her up. She gained some weight since her prime time on the runway (I suppose that's why she's with VS now). It's not a significant amount and she gained all over (including her face of course). I like her. She has this european, classic beauty thing going on :luv:







Pretty girl. I don't know if it's just me, but does she have poor posture or something? in a lot of those photos she looks to be slouching a bit and it's not very attractive...:meh:
She got a Vogue Paris cover! :)


Shot by Mario Sorrenti

The cover looks great
Did not realize that she was that JCrew model. I always thought JCrew models were typical catalogue models; didn't think that any of them were really the right look and build for runway.

I think she looks much more striking when she's thinner though. In a few of the earlier pictures she almost has a Snejana-vibe going on. Pity she went the more commercial route.

She got a Vogue Paris cover! :)


Shot by Mario Sorrenti

The cover looks great

here is the making of the photoshoot, posted it today :

She's also interviewed in it.

I traduced what she says but skiped the interviewer questions and some parts that are not body related :

"I've been doing sport since I'm a kid, any type of dance, escrime and always, hicking.
Mooving is an absolute necessiy. And thanks to the endorphines released after a good running or a kick-boxing session, I feel more seren.
(I) runn between 10 and 16 km whenever possible. Running is so relaxing, it's time to be safe to safe with myslef. When i'm in NY I also practice yoga and bodyband. When i travel i do HIIT with a jumper rope that i bring with me everywhere.
(i foound this part so funny>>) Last time i came i Paris, since my photoshooting was beganing late, i took the chance to run 16km in the streets. I think one must mix sport practices, all the workouts bring different positive things.

I use coconut oil to take care of my skin and cuncumber on my eyes. Nothing groundbreaking but very efficient.

There have always been healthy food at home (her mom used to be a rawfoodist). (I) love fresh juices from the Juice press in NY. I think every vegetable juice are good for the skin and the hair. I do them myslef now. But I also love grilled vegetable during winter. My favourite dessert : chia pudding.
The ideal breakfast for me is : vegetables white eggs omelette + oats with berries and conamon apple.

I'm the badest snacker in the world. When i begin, i can't stop myslef anymore. I try to go for the dried fruits et dark chocolate and not the cookies, Snickers, the later i can swallow 10 of it, no problem... It's maybe why i have the energy to run 16km the day after.

My two fads : gluten free and pleo-diet, which everyone is doing in NY right now.

To manage the stress, when i feel it coming up, i just dance, sing, go swimming.
Wearing funny socks and drinking a good cup of tea are usually enough to light my mood. "
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