Amanda Hendrick

Silent Night

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Feb 8, 2012
She looks lovely! She's Scottish. It looks like her weight has gone up and down quite a lot over her career (I think she started modelling around 2007), but she always has a beautiful Celtic face that I love.

Stats from Select Model Management:
Height - 5'10 / 178
Bust - 31.5 / 80 B
Waist - 24 / 61
Hips - 34 / 86
Dress - 6 / 34
Shoe - 39 / 6
Hair Color - Dark Brown
Eyes - Green





She's so gorgeous. Never heard about her before, though
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I also never heard about her... But she is pretty....
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The below advert of hers for 'Drop Dead Clothing' was banned on claims of her looking 'anorexic'



There are more easily found pictures of her with friends smoking pot & all, than modelling
SHe seems to get a lot of flack for being overly skinny.
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She's very pretty but from the pics i have seen she has always the same facial expression and i find that kind of boring.
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@Silent Night i came across this article and i thought you might find it interesting....


But really, how ludicrous. Nobody would ever call an image of a fat body 'socially irresponsible'. It kind of messes with my head that a photograph of any body can be construed as 'socially irresponsible' - can someone have a socially irresponsible body? Maybe Amanda Hendrick should be confined to her home under an invisibility order. And this was on the basis of one complaint, and the complaint was that she 'looked anorexic'. Can you ban a picture of someone who 'looks murdery' or 'seems kind of insurance fraudish'? 'Has an air of alcoholism about them'? 'Just gives me this tubercular feeling'? The stated purpose of the Advertising Standards Authority is 'to ensure ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful'. At least one of their employees must not know what at least one of those words mean.
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wow, she looks amazing..I've never heard about her, so thank you very much! she's got a... magic allure and a very beautiful face!
Saw this today on

Don't know if it's true though.


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