1. Aemiko

    Should I buy it?

    I couldnt find any thread like this, if there is then sorry in advance. But i thought it would be great to have a thread where you can ask people wether buy a piece of clothes or not. My question is should i buy this jeans? Am i look too big/small/flat in it? Thank you!!
  2. lamb's breath

    Urban Outfitters Review

    Hi ladies! I've been looking at the UO online store and would really love to make a bulk purchase from them. However, I live in Western Australia - pretty isolated - so I was hoping someone could give me a review on their products you have looked at in person, how much the sizing runs true and...
  3. vie

    Smaller Clothes?

    I've often seen thinspo tips that tell you to buy smaller clothes / a size down to motivate you to lose weight and be skinny enough to fit into them. I just received a pair of extra-small, stiff black skinny jeans I ordered online and couldn't fit them over my thighs and hips:oops: Since my goal...