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Feb 19, 2016
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Officially the new face of VS PINK and the only PINK girl that currently doesn't make me want to :superpuke:

IMG NY/Paris, Why Not Milan, Storm London
5'10.5 31-23-35

SS17 Showcard:






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I had never heard of her before I saw her show card yesterday. Her face is so beautiful.

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I'm so happy they chose her as the face of pink, this is like the one good thing VS has done all year. And that picture of her next to Rachel :smash:
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What an unusually good choice from VS, about time they hired someone skinny and interesting looking, rather than these cookie-cutter looking doughy girls like Taylor and Elsa.
I'm sure people will appreciate a black model as the face of PINK too, VS have been getting flack for not having enough diversity, I think?
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I thought she would be younger than 21. She really is stunning. Great choice indeed! Rachel should put that picture of them together on her fridge door:smash:
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I'm sorry to bump an old thread, but I really don't get her... she always posts about her insane workout schedule on Instagram, which usually entails 3 hours of running, intense workout classes like Soulcycle and Barry's, or training at Dogpound, but she isn't even skinny. My question is, wouldn't it make more sense to cut the workouts in half and just restrict your food a little more?? She has to be eating at least 2000 calories a day to look the way she does with this much exercise. It might make slightly more sense if she was a fitness model, but she just does PINK pretty much and looks fit, but not super muscular or defined
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I thought she was always "bigger" than most models, hence why she did VS and more athletic looking jobs, but I just saw this thread and was completely floored. Just goes to show any body can completely change due to diet/habits/exercise type.