Youtube Thinspo



There is a lot of fun thinspo on youtube...

Here are a few of my favorites.

Thinspo with Quotes

Rock Thinspo

Perfect Thinspo

It's Your Choice

This next one isn't specifically thinspo, but it's a slim girl playing drums. I just love how she plays with such passion.... it's inspiring for me to watch her rip it up. The song is "Born for This" by Paramour.

Crazy Drummer Girl

The next one is Arnold talking about how the mind controls the body. It's just a general inspiration for achieving goals. It's almost 10 minutes.

Still Pumping

This next short one is from Sucker Punch and it's about how "you have all the weapons you need-- now fight!"

Sucker Punch

My last one is a clip from Taxi Driver.... it's about exercise. It's short.

Taxi Driver Work-Out
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It may seem kind of weird, but that video with Arnold was really inspiring. It motivates me to think about my body, weight a bit different, because if I can reach my goal weight, maybe other challanges will also seem more 'achievable' :>
sorry if my expression doesn't make sense or is in bad english but the video is really worth to watch :)
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@Rugile, glad you liked it.

@leigh, nice thinspo! Loved all the fashion.
On youtube check out florrie arnolds video for she always gets what she wants its usually in the background of the nina ricci perfume advertisement it is SUCH a thinspiration! <3
Thanks for these! I've come across many of these over the years but it never did anything for me. This has been changing recently and these are actually very good! They'll surely come in handy!
There is a user called "aihba" and she makes loads of really good model mixes which I love watching, especially Vlada's one.

The link to Vlada's video is here:
And the rest of the videos on that channel are inspiring too.

I did that post on my phone, so the link is all wonky on an actual computer and I can't find how to edit the post, what a damn noob.

Here is the proper link: