Your day vs. night fashion



During the day-I love flowing tops, chunky sweaters with drapped necks that show off shoulders, spaghetti strapped tank tops, scarves, ballet flats or sandals and I love low rise jeans. I like softness.

Night time I tend towards the dramatic-dark colors, tight mini dresses, open back tanks, corsets, dark skinny jeans, sky high heels or boots. And the occasional sparkle piece. Anything that emphasizes sharpness, which equals feeling sexy to me.

My clothing is a little on the bi-polar side.

What are your favorite ways to dress and are they as different as mine?

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Hmm well whatever the time I wear a lot of black, grey, and white, because I'm a little lazy :oops: and I figure it's the easiest. Also, my hair's kind of a permanent accessory so it works! I like clothes that are simple and well-made.

Daytime, it's mostly plain loose t-shirts or tank tops, and boyfriend fit cardigans. In the colder months I like big military jackets and huge chunky sweaters. And I'm always in plain skinny jeans or a plain black cotton pencil skirt. Shoes are either brogues, Keds, or any one of my 103293 pairs of ridiculous massive chunky black wedges.

At night I wear some heels, the same black skinny jeans or pencil skirt, and a sexier top (sexier top usually = whatever I was wearing - cardigan/jacket - bra). Tada!

@Meggie so your wardrobe might be a little bipolar, but mine's utterly basic. I think that means you win the style game ;)
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My style seems pretty closE to yours.

Day style (when I'm not at work) is usually something girly and chic. I like to use different pieces and always stick that one stylish item in with my outfit (ie. Handbag with a pop of color with a flowy black dress and cute heels)

Nigh style is always a bit sluttier lol. Tight, short, dark, sexy, with amazing heels and a stylish shoulder bag or clutch.
Day: Currently jeans, suede flats, sweater and trench coat
Evening: Short shift dresses with black suede heels, some jewellery. I

Thank goodness for shift dresses because I need something to cover up big fat arms.
Day working from home--PJs

Day working out of home--very tailored suits or dresses in rich fabrics that are usually solid in color


Day weekend--jeans and Ts, shorts and Ts and cute comfy fitted dresses with sandals


Evening weekend--um yeah I am married so we don't really go out anymore :lol: but when we do it is usually same as day weekend

Evening work--almost always a LBD with large accessories

All of my clothes are very tailored (even Ts)
In cold days, I usually wear dark blue jeans, a shirt, ballet flats/boots and a coat/jacket/blazer/cardigan/sweater. I like to wear florals, girly patterns, sophisticated colors and pastels. Another option is a shirt, a skirt, tights, ballet flats/boots and a coat/jacket/blazer/cardigan/sweater. I accesorize with scarves, my signature charm bracelet, small earrings (with girly shapes, such as pointe shoes, hearts, flowers, birds, cats...) and small handbags. I have a very tailored preppy schoolgirl meets innocent girly gamine style. And I never leave home without some Miss Dior Chérie. In summer, I wear a lot of skirts or shorts with delicate and feminine blouses and sandals or ballet flats. I also wear TONS of day dresses with girly designs (usually Lily Pullitzer) and, again, sandals or flats.
This is what I wear on weekends, because for school I wear a uniform :mad:. To jazz up the uniform, I wear my charm bracelet, small earrings and headbands with bows or flowers. And of course, Miss Dior Chérie.
I usually don't go out much at night, but when I do, my clothes become more elegant. For example, I wear knee-length or mid-thigh cocktail dresses and ballet flats or kitten heels. If it's cold, I'll wear a coat/jacket/blazer/cardigan and tights. If it's not, I'll go just like that. I never wear both earrings and necklace, I pick only one. And of course, a small handbag. My style is very Audrey Hepburn-esque. And I never forget my Miss Dior Chérie. ;)
DAY: I love anthing that shows off skinnyness. No flowing or wide stuff.
I go for skinny jeans, tight shirts or pullovers (mostly black, dark grey or blue) AND I love high heels. Not only for special occassions.
NIGHT: Sexy but not slutty. I really love my black polka dot dress, it´s short but somehow so sixties it cannot be considered tasteless :grin:
I have a wide variety of short dresses (it emphatizes the legs :luv:)
Well during the week I wear suits every day to work so I have a bunch of pencil skirts, blouses, dresses and blazers. My work clothes idol is Jessica from suits....obsessed!!

Weekend day style varies. Either the classic shirt, blazer, skinnies, ballet pumps combo or something like a skirt with tights and boots, a graphic t and a leather jacket/blazer. Summer is all about shorts and cute ts or dresses.

Night time-I like short dresses, nothing too loose but nothing slutty. Also like the skinnies/leather leggings heals, black top look if it's chilly out. I lineup keep it simple with clothes and add accessories, nice bag and good shoes.
Right now its winter so its:
Day - School uniform or jeans, leather jacket, blazers, knits, ballet shoes, ankle boots, converse, singlets, shirts, scarf, beanie.
My motto: if its clean, wear it.
Night: Dresses with heels, jacket/cardigan and sometimes tights.
I guess my style is beatnik? I wear almost all black, day and night. Sometimes grey if I'm feeling frivolous :lol: In the day I wear DMs or clogs, cropped trousers with long socks or some wide-cut trousers (I'm not sure what my best feature is but it's definitely not my legs...:nervous:), a small jumper with a v-neck and a knitted cardigan if I'm cold. In summer, flared skirts and vests. I wear black gloves every day in winter, and I like big scarves too, and dramatic coats. My hair is sort of heaped up on my head with a pin.

Sad to say, the only person I can find online whose style resembles mine is this man:

I'm not the world's most feminine girl :grin:

At night I like vintage cocktail dresses like these:


and I accessorise a lot, especially in my hair and on my neck.

At home I wear Japanese silk kimonos. I have four; they're the most beautiful things I own. I don't do the whole obi belt jazz in the middle, just wear them open (with black pyjama-type things underneath.

I normally wear shirts along with jeans or skirts/shorts (along with tights) during the day.

At night (when i go party) I usually wear darker colors as feel, but I always try to stay quite casual (depending on the party of course, i dont wear heels as often as i used to.

- Flats, boots
- Hair out or tied
- Minimal make up
- More colorful
- Lots of layering

- Heels
- Hair out
- Darker make up
- Dresses/skirts
During the day I wear suitable clothes for work. I don't have to wear super fancy/posh stuff but it must be moderate. I wish I had a better style in my private life. I try to spice up some outfits with nice accessoires but I think it's still boring.
I also don't like my body and try to hide it whenever I can.
My daily wardrobe is fairly pathetic - I tend to wear skinny jeans or any sort of pants I can move well in, a tank top or tee shirt in the summers and pull over sweaters in the winter, and regardless of what time of year it is, I wear a giant parka at work that looks ridiculous (they did a batch order for all of us, and the extra small is big enough on me I can put a down jacket underneath and it's STILL huge). When I'm at a work event, I wear heels instead of skates and basically wear the same thing but with a 3/4 length leather coat instead of the doom-parka. Otherwise, it's casual. Everything I own is pretty much black, and I'm kind of "professional grunge goth", I guess.

Weekends I spend in my studio, so whatever I'm wearing is usually covered in paint and has holes in it.

When I go out I usually opt for simple but sexy black dresses, dramatic makeup, or something appropriate for whatever show I'm at. I don't go out much (usually only if my husband or I are playing out somewhere, or a friend is), but I rarely deviate from my daily boring staples. It's hard to describe without pictures, honestly, but that's too hard to do on my phone. Maybe I'll add some later.