Workout Fashion



Hey ladies.

I apologize if there is another topic like this (I haven't seen one yet which is why I'm posting this).

What do you like to wear to the gym?

Right now I stick to my Canadian roots and wear mostly lululemon (love their colours and fits) but I enjoy switching up and would love to hear what you guys like or highly recommend.

I wear black cycling shorts, gray shirt, short socks and sneakers to go to the gym or to bike. I bought six pieces of each shorts, shirt and socks and I alternate between a pair of black sneakers and gray with pink sneakers, so I consider this ensemble my uniform. For yoga, I alternate between two leotards and two swimsuits.
I'm a simple kind of girl.

T-Shirts - I know there's more advanced sweat repelling fabrics than cotton, but I just don't care. My hardcore workout friends look at me like I'm cray-cray for wearing cotton in the Texas heat.

Running Shorts - Pretty self-explanatory. I have a decent amount of Nike gear, but I also have a few Underarmor leggings for when it gets cold. I also have a ton of Navy PT gear that I continue to use.

Bras - I am a picky, picky girl when it comes to bras. Those suckers better be strapped down. I use Brooks or Nike bras for this. I never use those little tank top things because I find the girls still bounce.

Shoes - Always New Balance. Always. But I'd recommend you'd get fitted for shoes. It was the single best thing I did for comfort while running.
Usually, I'm all for shorts and fitted tank tops, but I've gained some weight in the last month so it would look horrible. (Alright, it was 5 lbs since November, but still, I feel gross)
I just bought black, matte cycling shorts. I was ashamed of going running with my thighs exposed. At least no one will see the jiggle :run:
What do you like to wear to the gym?

Most of my workout clothes are fairly multi-purpose, and I'm not exactly captain fashion.

Most of the time, I wear black leggings. Reason: at full length they can be worn on the ice when I skate, but if I hit the gym before/after I can roll them up to capri length and that works well too. My favorites are made by Chloe Noel.

If I'm not going to be skating immediately before/after the gym, or I'm headed to boxing or doing Insanity at home, I wear either black shorts or capris.

These get paired with a sports bra (I have a Lululemon one I love, and some fairly generic ones that work well too) or an exercise tank with a built in bra (I'm not terribly "well endowed", so these work well for me). I will often put a tank or tee over this, and if I'm at the rink, add a long sleeved tee and fleece jacket until I get warm, too. Sometimes I wear a unitard or leotard with my leggings to skate or if I do yoga, but that's less common and usually only on days I'm mostly working on lifts with my partner.

I wear short socks and have a pair of Adidas running shoes right now, otherwise I wear skates (custom built). I'm in skates on average more hours per day than shoes, so they are my most important exercise apparel and the thing I invest the most in.

The most important things to me in exercise clothing are the following:

1. They fit close to my body. I hate extra fabric moving around when I exercise. I don't wear things I can feel move on my skin when I exercise. No flared yoga pants, etc.

2. They stay put. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are falling out of your top when hanging upside down, and I loathe pants that move when I do lifts.

3. I'm supported in the right places. Even though I have small boobs, I don't want them moving when I'm jumping around.

4. They fit comfortably. No pinchy places, muffin top, etc., because I need to be comfortable and look good.

5. Everything coordinates. I wear black almost exclusively, because I want to "grab and go".
For me the key to the gym is just GOING so...I just need something to wear that isn't ridiculous like jeans haha, and my shoes.

I wear running shoes, they're Puma brand but I want to buy new ones because I've had them for so long. My feet have been getting insane blisters, they're basically destroyed when I run regularly. I have TERRIBLE feet omg. They're disgusting.

I wear running shorts or capri pants from Target, and sports bras from target. They're cheap and do the job. There's a Target right above my gym so I always land up going there to get something if I forget it...gah such a waste of money haha

For the top I really don't care what I wear. I'll wear the same top / shorts a few times even though it's sweaty...does anyone else do this? Just to cut down on laundry because I know I'm just going to shower and be lovely and clean afterwards anyway, what's a bit more sweatiness on my shirt I have specifically to be sweaty? ;)

I want to get new running shoes, I know everyone is obsessed with the super colorful Nike you reccomend them?
I usually wear minimalistic black running shoes, black full-length or capri-length leggings, and either a black or grey longsleeve or shortsleeve shirt.

I have a new long sleeve Champion shirt that I love :luv: it's way more form fitting that I usually like but it's absolutely perfect for yoga class when the room's a little cooler.
-Some colorful dri-fit tshirt from nike (My gym has this stupid rule that you are not allowed to wear tanktops..)

-Sportsbra from nike

-Running tights from nike

-Running shoes from mizuno

I am kind of in love with everything from the nike store :grin:
- Adidas sports bra
- Adidas loose running shorts (I bought both at a sale)
- oversized tank with inspirational or nonsensical quotes e.g. "5, 6, 7, 8!" or "Run Cheese Monkey"
- Newton running shoes
I do a variety of workouts, so what I wear usually depends on what I'm going to be doing. I'm not exactly a "stylish exerciser", but this is what I tend to wear.

Most likely I will be running outside. It's really cold where I live right now, so I wear black running tights (leggings), which I get from Target and are either Nike or UnderArmour, and a long sleeved t-shirt. I usually wear the cotton ones I get from my track meets, but you shouldn't wear cotton since it absorbs the moisture and you get really cold afterwards. I just have so many of those shirts that I wear them on the not-so-cold days. Otherwise I wear a long-sleeved running top or jacket with a long sleeved UnderArmour underneath. I also wear one of those bands that cover your ears.

If I'm running outside and it's warmer out, I will either wear cropped running leggings or running shorts from Nike or UnderArmour. On top I usually just wear a t-shirt or a sports pinny, but I also have these tight running tanktops with a built in sports bra that I really like and would recommend (I get them from Target as well).

If I'm running inside at the gym, I always wear shorts or cropped running leggings and a t-shirt, nothing too fancy.

If I'm doing Pilates or Yoga or something like that I will wear leggings or yoga pants and a t-shirt, again nothing fancy.

For sports bras, I really like Nike and Champion, and for running shoes I recommend going to a specified running shoe store. A lot of companies focus on the look of the shoe rather than its stability and performance (think Nike) so it's good to talk to a pro.

I definitely don't wear the nicest exercise gear, but it works, especially since stores like Lululemon are pretty expensive.
I hate loose clothing while working out.. When I'm at the gym it's usually just a sports bra and short tight shorts. I do go to an all girls gym though so I don't mind showing skin.
For running shoes I have the UA Charge RC's I think...
I wear running shoes, they're Puma brand but I want to buy new ones because I've had them for so long. My feet have been getting insane blisters, they're basically destroyed when I run regularly. I have TERRIBLE feet omg. They're disgusting.

I want to get new running shoes, I know everyone is obsessed with the super colorful Nike you reccomend them?

I could give you a very serious run for your money in an ugly feet contest, haha. Mine are awful beyond belief from all the years of abuse I've given them and continue to give them!

As for shoes, I'm personally wearing a fairly generic looking pair of Adidas running shoes, which work well and provide good stability for me. I have custom insoles in them from SuperFeet that work wonders (I have a set in all of my most common footwear at this point, haha), and I find them very helpful. I have liked Nike shoes in the past as well - certainly worth trying a pair on!