Working for a Modelling Agenecy


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Apr 30, 2012
I was hoping there would be someone out there who could give me some advice on this. I have a Fashion based degree. I left the London College of Fashion 5 years ago and have pretty much (bar a few freelance make-up jobs) lurched from shit job to shit job. Some in Insurance, others in just plain shitty call centres. I was enjoying screwing up my early twenties too much and not thinking about what I actually needed to do to get a career.

I'm now 25 and in the new year, moving back to London. I want a job working in the field I studied in. Unfortunately, my interests don't really lie in being a make-up artist any more. I have for a couple of years toyed with the idea of scouting/working for a modelling agency, but as I was living outside the city, it wasn't really practical. Now I'm moving, I'm starting to seriously consider it.

My degree was Fashion and Editorial Make-up Art, we also studied Styling, photography and hair.

Does anyone know what I would need to be offered work in one, or what they look for in candidates? Have I ruined my chances by not going straight into the Industry after Uni or would I still be accepted?

The agencies appreciate industry-related experience very much, so it would've definitely been better if you had worked in this field by now...
However, I wouldn't say you've "ruined" your chances already. But you've gotta fight for it, girl. Internships are your friend now.
Good luck xx