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    Jul 28, 2012
    I love the skirt suit look, however I'm tall and run into a lot of problems with fit. All the suits I find are baggy, or they are too short. I have both a long torso and long legs, and the cut is generally too high on both the blazer and the skirt hem.

    Does anyone have any tips/brands that are good when it comes to this?
  2. Intrinsicality

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    May 20, 2012
    Shorty here but I get mine custom tailored. Best solution I've found as far as women's business attire.
    Another option is to buy a suit that is the right design/overall look for you but baggy and then finding a seamstress/tailor that can alter it for you.
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    Feb 6, 2015
    I second custom tailoring, and another option to get a skirt suit look is to wear a sleeveless fitted dress with a blazer.
  4. pterodactyl

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    Jan 29, 2012
    I'm going to list US options, but I have a feeling maybe European lines or even South American retailers might be better for suits ( I imagine there are more tall skinnies there...and an appreciation for actual tailoring. Even if this is not true, let me hold on to this fantasy hahah)

    J crew has talls for officewear such as blazers (pants are too short for me, but probably ok for 5'10" range) but run somewhat average to large (esp in tall sizes) rather than small/junior sized.

    BCBG runs longer and carries smaller sizes. I use to own many skirts from them.....

    Nordstrom members have free tailoring up to 100-300 bucks or so ( I go to Nordstrom Rack try to find the $$$$ suits that are super marked down and then alter). Even BP has some OK items at times for suits.
    Banana republic..carries tall sizes but I haven't really shopped there forever....

    I think Calvin Klein, Tahari, Jones New York make some ok sets that can fit if altered (JNY runs big though, you would need to probably alter a size 0)

    However with department stores I have found it depends on store location though b/c there are better In STORE suit options in East coast. West coast clothing is mainly overpriced, chintzy and unlined craptacular assembles...sorry I went off on a tangent. But I halsoave same challenges with well made, fitting suits as well.....and what is called a "suit" these days......
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