Winter Dressing: How To Avoid Freezing To Death


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Jan 27, 2012
How tall are you? I keep running into issues with leggings coming up over my ankles :disgusted:

And I'll definitely check them out.
I'm a shortie. I should be wearing petite things, but regular jeans/leggings fit me fine, I think my legs might be slightly longer than most petite girls, I think?

Do you have any recommendations for gloves by chance? I'm looking for some that are leather or at least slim fitting, but still super warm.
John Lewis does good leather gloves that are cashmere and fleece lined. They're tiny bit big though (my hands are really small though).
Marks and Spencer's basic leather gloves fit my hands surprisingly well, but I can feel the cold through them so I only wear them when it's slightly warmer.

I pretty much live in Hand warmers/ palm warmers when indoors. I always ask for these for my stocking fillers. Haha
Good ones from John Lewis, they do good cashmere range. I've also gotten a few from Harvey Nichols, but can't remember the brand name.
My fave one was from topshop, which I brought 7/8 years ago, but I wore it out that the thumb hole got bigger and I had to cut it off. I've been looking for similar ones since then, but topshop hasn't made any nice ones since then. It's softer and warmer than my cashmere ones, and the cheapest :(