Why Thin People Are Not Fat

Discussion in 'Online' started by bisou, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. bisou

    bisou Super Star

    May 27, 2012
    And I present to you all, the most ridiculous documentary I have ever seen.

    Click Here to Watch!

    If anything that these scientists were saying was true, why weren't people in the early, mid, and late 1900s so fat as well? There was no famine in that time period. The people of that era weren't 'genetically different' or any such nonsense. I don't doubt that different people do have different genetic adaptations that might enable them to eat more than the average person, but that is no excuse to stuff one's face with fast food and 3500+ calories every day. Learn some self restraint people! No person is pre-determined to be 150 pounds overweight! It's just called gluttony...

    I used to be 133 pounds. Now, I could NEVER go back to more than 112 pounds. But that is only because the longer I stay at a low weight, the easier it is to maintain. Yes, it's incredibly difficult at first... But then again, what worth having isn't difficult to accomplish?

    I think one thing in the documentary is quite right though; the Asian man is fairly awesome. :grin:
  2. Tami

    Tami Rookie

    Jun 8, 2012
    Ugh I hate stuff like that. It reminds me of a quote from my grandma who was a teenager in the 1950s. "It just wasn't possible to be obese then. You had three meals a day, no snacking. We walked everywhere. My mother weighed 140 pounds and was considered very heavy."

    It's true! People nowadays just have no self control and have way too easy access to horrible foods! Stop trying to blame genes :mad:
  3. Katie

    Katie Guest

    Thanks for sharing :)

    When you say it gets easier to maintain, do you mean it gets easier psychologically, because you learn new eating habits, or do you mean you actually don't gain weight as easily any more?
    Please say it's the second one :p
    First time I've heard that..
  4. bisou

    bisou Super Star

    May 27, 2012
    A little bit of both. :) It gets so much easier to resist certain foods, and if you eat properly and well (veggies, fruits, lean meat occasionally), your body eventually stops craving processed junk and eating healthily becomes easier and easier. Now, the idea of eating something like eating a Twinkie or fast food is the equivalent of the idea of me smoking crack or meth.

    If you do things properly and keep your metabolism at a fast pace (aerobic exercise, spaced out eating, nothing processed, alternating calories each day with never less than 600 calories on one day) on the days you do over-eat (holidays, birthdays, vacations), the weight gain is minimal. Recently, I went on vacation for a week to Aruba with my family, and I figured out that I was probably eating 3000 calories each day I was there. But when I stepped on the scale when I got home, I had only gained 4 pounds. It was probably mostly water weight, because after 3 days of dieting, I was back at my pre-vacation weight. And for the Fourth of July, I ate about 3500 calories, and I only gained .4 pounds. So I guess if you do things properly, that whole "you really need to eat 3500 calories to actually gain a pound" really is actually quite true. I've heard of girls binging for one night, and the next day they step on the scale and are 5 pounds heavier. The weight loss is a bit slower my way (I've been dieting an entire year and have lost 30 pounds), but it's easier to maintain, healthier, and that Vlada-skinny ideal is actually realistic without basically starving myself.
  5. délié

    délié Rising Star

    Feb 5, 2012
    as your signature says, now your 103, which is just amazing... i just read your post about the water fast and i adore your attitude towards eating, food and so, you seem so healthy and well balanced:luv:

    since i'm your height and around your starting weight, it is even more a thinspiration how far you've come. would you mind sharing how was your weight loss going, how long it took you, eating and exercise habits?

    thanks so much:kiss:
  6. Gemma

    Gemma Rookie

    Mar 2, 2012
    I second this :highfive:
  7. Jasmine

    Jasmine Guest

    I confess I'm curious and now I'm watching this.....:p I still think it's a real stretch to say some people "can't ever" become obese. If you stuff yourself full of fattening food for long enough, you will become obese. Like when they said that prison study some people couldn't gain enough weight eating 10,000 calories a day, first of all I'm like :wtf: 10,000?! How on Earth do you manage that. But the sad truth is a lot of people who are obese probably do eat like that every day...I can only manage max 1 seriously heavy meal a day, and it really makes me ill after -- even then, my highest daily total is probably 3,000 calories, and that's a rare find ever on my diet. So I just don't get it.....it's not that hard to just slow down and eat healthy. And either way, it doesn't matter health wise if you're skinny or fat, if you eat bad foods, you'll be unhealthy, even if you "can't gain weight".
  8. Celestial

    Celestial Rookie

    Apr 29, 2012
    I remember watching this documentary a long time ago. It was interesting to see. No matter how thin a person is, if they keep on overeating, they will eventually gain weight no matter what. Your body can only catch up to so little.
  9. Katie

    Katie Guest

    It's so reassuring to hear that :) And I never crave junk food. All this 'starvation mode' and 'slow metabolism' just is still so hard to understand for me, but what you say makes sense :)
    Sorry for going off-topic. I also think this documentary is stupid :mad:
  10. mulberry

    mulberry Guest

    Double seconded! I really admire people who go about weight loss like you do. At the moment I'm really mentally struggling with eating more than 600 calories any day (I'm doing it but the last couple of days the bad thoughts have started coming back) and I would love to hear a sensible plan that would snap me out of thinking like this, I hate it!
  11. Anna

    Anna Rookie

    Jan 27, 2012
    More due to our country's circumstances than the situation of my parents' families, but anyway, my parents had a very modest background and so did pretty much everyone they knew. Haha they do say that when they were in school there was that one fat kid (junk food did exist so they say) and the guy stood out so much because he was the only fat kid...
    Actually, my dad said how people picked on the skinniest kid (despite all being pretty scrawny) because he/she was seen as too poor to get enough food :( all light teasing though, since apparently the whole class would go play by the creek.
  12. caserene

    caserene Guest

    Hell, I graduated from HS in the US in 2002 in a small rural town and even *I* remember only having one or two "fat kids" that really stood out. Thinking back to gradeschool there was only one or two pudgy kids (not at all "fat" but still picked on for being bigger). Now I scroll through my facebook and ALLLLLLLLLLL of my classmates have gained significant weight. And I hear more and more kids are fat in school too. How quickly it has become an epidemic!!

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