Why isnt obesity considered an eating disorder?

Interesting comments.

Just like most underweight women do not have anorexia, most obese people do not have Binge Eating Disorder. What classifies it is the behaviours that run alongside the eating habits. There are plenty of obese people who shovel food into their mouths with no psychological motive.

And claiming to suffer with BED to justify obesity doesn't cut it either. I have every sympathy for someone who suffers from this to the extent that they are overweight but I don't like hearing plain old greedy people look for an excuse to justify their greed in the form of a psychological disorder.
"Obesity" Isn't the disorder, 'Overeating' is. But I agree, it isn't nearly enough considered a true disorder. I think people see it as normal, non life threatening, non unusual. Which is so very wrong.

One of my friends wrote on FB that her doctor told her to lose 25kg and how crazy was that because she was a normal weight!! I was so tempted to write 'no you aren't, you should lose weight' but thats just too bitchy.
Obesity is abnormal, though, not an eating disorder. The human body was never meant to be obese.