Who is she?



This picture makes it's way around tumblr. I have no idea whether she's model, celebrity, internet persona or none of the above.
Do you know who she is? Do you think it's shopped? Because that is some unbelievable thinspo :luv:

:wtf: i normally suck at being able to tell if somethin is photoshopped, but that has very obviously been messed with
theres something really wrong with her hip and stomach area
Why does it seem like her ass is casting light? :D
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Her waist has definitely been slimmed. You can tell on the right side.
I almost find it better thinspo when it's shopped.. so I'll end up looking BETTER than the model actually looks!:luv:
I'm a little bit crazy, but....
Whoever she is, she has such a nice body! Such great thinspo she is!:luv:
Agreed, definitely effed with.... I'm pretty sure the upper part of our torsos DO NOT bend like that. Sorta creepy actually :wtf: