Which dress to wear to my friend's spring formal?

Which dress

  • Lilac

    Votes: 27 64.3%
  • Aqua

    Votes: 15 35.7%

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purple or aqua? i have a light complexion, dirty blonde hair. thanks :)


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I love the lilac :luv:
Whichever you choose I'm sure you'll look beautiful, and have fun :party:
I'd take the aqua, I don't like the color blending on the lilac (or is this just the picture?).
Both are lovely:) I'd prob pic the lilac for a formal tho. Where is this from?
I'm not sure what you mean by 'formal' - does it say 'formal dress' on the invitation? If so I think that dark colours and a long cut are preferred :nervous:

I like the lilac best, though. It would be nice to accessorise in blue or ivory :)
Thanks everyone, I'm going to go with lilac :) I guess it's not really "formal" because girls usually wear short dresses. I wish it was a long gown kind of party. They are so beautiful!
Kind of late to this thread, but I instantly preferred the lilac, especially for a "formal" occasion, so good choice, haha. ;) The style of the dress is cute, and I'm jealous you can pull it off, since the cut of the bust part of those dresses always fits so weirdly on me. Have a great time!