Where in UK to buy wide/bootcut low rise plain black trousers?


Worker Bee
Aug 16, 2013
England, UK
I'm aware this is a dull topic but I need new "work trousers" for when I can't be arsed to think too hard about my outfit, as my current ones are really too big. (I wear skinny trousers sometimes, but this limits my footwear choices, as my feet are inelegantly large)

I resent shopping for "work clothes" so if you UK gurls see anything long, low rise, plain, black, smart and flared/bootcut in a long length would you let me know? I'd be terribly grateful because I know I probably won't bother looking for months and will just look a bit rubbish. Lol.

Thank you! :luv:
TK Maxx has some. I tried on a Gucci pair and a Karl Lagerfeld pair last time I was there, however there are plenty at a lower price range too.
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I don't live in the UK, but do you guys have an express?
This is the only place I buy my work slacks. The only problem with Express is they kind of run big. The 0's are just falling right off.
H & M also has very cute black trousers that are a little more fitting.
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