What's your favorite fashion web site?



Sooo... I used to get all of my daily fashion industry news and gossip from The Cut (NYMag) but ever since Amy Odell left it's gotten so boring I don't even visit. And they're obsessed with K Upton. Enough!

So I only have time to check maybe two sites daily and one of those is SG (of course!) and the other I want to be a fashion news site.... so what site should I start reading??

I like news/gossip sites with some wit... I have trouble telling the diff. between fashionista, fashionologie, racked etc... (and one that gets comments is better!)
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People of Walmart. Reverse thinspo and a laugh.

But in all seriousness, I'm on it. I'll try to find something good.
TheFashion Spot, Style.com and Nowfashion are the ones I visit :flower:
None of those have personality though.... nowfashion is just photos, thefashionspot is a mess, and style.com is snobby... hmmmm... any other suggestions? Does anyone follow Refinery29?
I am interested in seeing what other people share here...
I also go to style.com :oops: and models.com :oops: #captainobvious
I check out blogs but I get bored/forget about them a lot.
Sometimes I lurk around thefashionspot.
I personally follow Garance Dorè and Scott Schuman (the Sartorialist)
vogue.com, Harpeer's bazaar, Into the gloss, style.com.