What to put in suitcase for awesome wardrobe on trip



Ok you girls with effortless simple style who I study and copy. Going on a 3 wk trip need to not overpack weather will be cold - Blk leather motorcycle jacket temp. What are the essentials! Here is my list pls critique:
Blk skinnies
Dk blu skinnies
Blk v neck drapey sweater
Wht v neck t
Wht blouse
Blk blouse
Blk motorcycle jacket
Booties flat and booties w heel

How am I doing?
Sounds like you’re going on a bike trip! What kind of bike do you ride?
I have a zx6r. I would love to take a long trip, but a sport bike isn't really conducive for that lol
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Oh no its not a bike trip just only have room for one coat one jacket and i love my leather jacket. :) I wish I were more adventurous.
I have a thing for turtlenecks and they're warm... you might want to take one with you. Also, maybe you could take a skirt with you. I don't know what kind of trip you're going on but skirts can always come in handy. I'd take a coat with me, too. Whenever it's super cold, I like to layer my leather jacket and coat over eachother and let the sleeves of the jacket poke out. It gives a nice touch and it keeps me warm. :p
I'd take some jewelry with me, too. Whenever you're wearing a really simple outfit, a belt or a necklace or a few bracelets will make it more interesting.
Bags should come in handy, too, haha. I'd take a midi and a small one with me, but then again, I don't know what kind of trip you're going on. The midi would be nice for shopping or cruising the cities, and a small one would come in handy when going out.
I like to have a pair or super comfortable shoes with me, like trainers, for when you have to walk a lot.