What item of clothing should every chic girl have?

Discussion in 'Clothes' started by SkinnyMeansPretty, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Whether hippy, grunge, minimalistic, retro, I think a pair of wet look leggings :) they go with everything and instantly make you look fashionable.

    What Dyou guys think every girl should have?

  2. shannon5

    shannon5 Guest

    black skinny jeans
    a nice (faux) leather jacket
    a nice black v neck sweater
    a pair of flats that aren't ballet flats and aren't sneakers
  3. Holly

    Holly Guest

    A hat and red lipstick. All you need, really. Then even jeans and a tshirt looks great.
  4. Xsmall

    Xsmall Super Star

    Apr 22, 2012
    i think every girl should have a classic black blazier!
    very slimming as well.
  5. Scarlet

    Scarlet Guest

    A pair of skinny jeans, best in black
    At least one pair of high heels
    A matching colour of shades for every outfit
  6. asuka

    asuka Rookie

    May 6, 2012
    As someone already said: the Black ( or navy) Blazer is really classy.
    - A good, well cut leather jacket (black or light brown)
    - Ballet flat with a bit of heals (2 cm)
    - Some Fur ( or true looking Faux fur) eather as hat or coat.
  7. Hypatia

    Hypatia Guest

    • The indispensable little black dress--one that packs well is important
    • A good wool coat that goes well with dresses or jeans--I live in a hot climate and I still need one for travel
    • Good underwear-- lays the foundation for every outfit and can make you feel pretty even in a severe suit
  8. Sun Chaser

    Sun Chaser Rookie

    Jun 12, 2012
    Good underwear
  9. Selanis

    Selanis Guest

    Black high heels( Loubies <3), ballet flats, good fitting white shirt, denim shirt (it makes some outfits go instantly from work to party ;), leather leggins, little white dress, flattering sunglasses, small evening good quality bag, good quality leather everyday bag and few pairs of flattering of jeans.
  10. Allie

    Allie Worker Bee

    Mar 18, 2012
    - Black skinny jeans
    - Black leather jacket
    - Black leather ballet flats (hihi Tory Birch)
    - Signature leather purse
    - Giant sunglasses
    - Perfectly fitted bra and lace panties (either black or nude)
    - Black well-fitted blazer
    - Discrete diamond stud earrings

    Sorry my vegan gals, I'm a firm believer in the polish and quality real leather exudes over faux, don't lambaste me for it please!
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  11. Rhianna

    Rhianna Rising Star

    Apr 7, 2012
    - little black dress
    - well fitting bra
    - heeled court shoes
    - brown leather satchel
    - quality skinny jeans
  12. Er1990

    Er1990 Guest

    White button down shirt and a well cut, navy blue sweater.
  13. RedGlitter

    RedGlitter Guest

    If you have fantastic shoes and jackets/coats you don´t need much more (I´m also for good underwear though ;)).

    A pair of leather boots (vegan ones for vegan girls - I´m a hypocrite, I love leather though I´m veggie *hides*) Anyway: One with heels, one without - save money for that or talk to your granddad at christmas or whatever if you´re totally broke - every girl needs a pair of expensive shoes imho ;)

    A black blazer that is not looking cheap (not those crumpled, badly sewed ones you can buy at the discounters - go for second hand if you don´t have money and try to find a decent one)

    A wool coat if you live in an area that has winter. This depends on your taste. But make sure its wool and well sewed.

    A leather jacket. Same here, don´t buy crap and don´t buy too small ones (haha I think this won´t happen to many girls in this place, but I see it a lot and its unflattering).

    Its all about good material and cut. Its better to have some decent basics than a ton of clothes that has awful quality. If you can afford tons of high quality clothes - good for you :grin:

    Then buy a lipstick that suits you, care for your hair and skin, find a style that fits with who you are and you can´t do much wrong anymore :)
  14. classichic

    classichic Super Star

    Jan 27, 2012
    My opinion:

    - Black blazer - Make sure you can button it and fits well. It's worth buying a good quality one.
    - Skinny jeans (black, blue and grey). Make sure they fit well. If you're tiny get them tailored.
    - Basic vest tops (black, grey, white) plain colours. Make sure they're good quality.
    - Small stud earrings
    - White shirt or blouse
    - Flats - Good quality ones be it leather or faux leather, and I don't mean the ones from H&M, they're tacky. I personally prefer suede. Plain colours with a simple bow.
    - Flat shoes besides ballerinas, maybe loafers or oxfords.
    - Good heels. I prefer stiletto heels in black
    - Good quality underwear
    - Little black dress (a few other colours is good for the evenings)
    - Good watch - A black/brown simple leather strap is good. Or stainless sliver and gold (without colored gemstones and funky face dial etc).
    - If you wear tights make sure they're good quality (a lot of them collect hair and are very cheap looking when you look up close). As soon you get a hole or a ladder in them, chuck em. If you wear skin coloured tights, make sure it matches your skin tone, rather than getting ones with a tan effect (if you insist then tan your face too).
    - Simple chic everyday bag and evening bag.
    - Boots. I love both flat and stiletto heel boots. Plain, simple and chic. Leather or quality faux leather.
    - Dresses that aren't too short (if you're in a workplace etc). Or tops that aren't too revealing. It's a number one rule but you won't believe how many girls I see with short dresses or inappropriate clothing in clinics.

    General rule: Keep things simple, plain colours and generally wear a few colours that go well together. It's worth investing in quality pieces.
  15. Agytha

    Agytha VIP - Model

    May 8, 2012
    - a well-fitting white shirt that buttons up all that way without "popping" (moreso for bustier ladies).
    - a dark coloured blazer: black or navy - or both; different weights for different seasons.
    - a warm wool or cashmere coat; dark colours are more eternally stylish but I do love a red or mustard ;) I tend to go for a length that hits mid-thigh.
    - leather jacket in a classic style; one in black, one in tan.
    - well-fitting jeans in dark denim and black; slightly high-waisted creates a more classic silhouette than low-rise. Find a cut that suits you :)
    - skirts: fitted high-waist-knee-length and A-line at mid-thigh, knee and midi length.
    - variety of hosiery!
    - leather boots: riding, ankle, heeled
    - killer stilettos
    - large leather tote/carry-all; again, timeless style and one that you can put your life in that goes with everything ;)
    - small evening bag
    - flattering dress; not too revealing but eternally sensual ;)
    - I love a good, classic hat - I love 1920s cloches, 1960s wool floppy hats, little straw hats... They can add a dressy element to an outfit, if used the right way :)
    - be well-groomed ;)
    - perfume! Complete the outfit with the right kind of lingering scent ;)

    (NB: leather can be replaced by faux or other materials, if and when required :))
  16. SatelliteEyes

    SatelliteEyes Worker Bee

    Feb 21, 2012
    Yes! I'm poor and frugal as any uni student, and I agree that every girl needs one pair of gorgeous, high quality shoes. If it's an option, one pair of plain-ish heels and one pair of killer, fashion-as-art heels is excellent.

    The rest of your post is spot on too (hihi, serial matching-underwear-set hoarder ;)).
  17. Nala

    Nala Rookie

    Apr 17, 2012
    I totally have nothing more to add but a nice pair of s strappy sandals
    I also invest in (real) leather shoes and bags because the quality is much better. I noticed that my best friend has 3times more clothes than me. But hers are all cheap, and they look like it.

    I really want some Louboutines (they are my reward when I reach my UGW), but I also save up for the final payment of my car :hmm:
  18. Samira

    Samira Guest

    Good quality skinny jeans
    Expensive flats
    A black well fitted blazer
    A well fitted expensive t-shirt
  19. Silent Night

    Silent Night Grand Dame

    Feb 8, 2012
    Don't know if anyone's put this yet - get a bra that fits and some matching pants. The four boobs look is... unflattering.
  20. Babydoll

    Babydoll Guest

    -A little black dress
    -A pair of black ballet flats
    -A pair of black pumps
    -A bra that fits well
    -An investment handbag
    -A black blazer
    -A pair of dark blue jeans that fit well
    -A trench or peacoat
    -A black skirt
    -A silk scarf with a pattern or color that represents you
    -A cashmere sweater
    -A pair of dark tights (save your life in winter)
    -Pearl/diamond earrings

    Pair it with whatever else and it looks good.

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