"What I Ate When I Was Fat"


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Jun 27, 2012
I found the recent article "Fat City" to be very informative and gripping, and thought that as a reverse thinspo, or as something therapudic for those of us who have suffered from binge eating/being overweight in the past, to post what it actually takes to be fat (so we know that these fatties talking about 'metabolism' are full of shit). Here's an article to get it started. It's gross, so just warning you (or egging you on if you want to be turned off of food)
I love this! We all love our share of junk food, but a whole pizza or a whole tub of ice cream? Even on my bingiest, PMS induced, most depressed fat days I have never been able to do it.
Admittedly, when I binge I can eat a ridiculous amount, but an entire pizza and garlic bread loaf? And then an entire pint of ice cream? :wtf:

I'm so glad I fasted today.

(And I'm very, very happy to hear what an impact Fat City had on you! It was stunning to me.)
I love that she is revealing the truth.. This is how she got fat, not slow metabolism or any shitty excuse + I would be SO embarrassed if I used to stuff myself like this
I would imagine that most fat people eat this way or similar to it - just way too many calories per day. The "genetics and thyroid" excuse is delusional and ridiculous. It's all about what (or more accurately, how much) you put in your mouth. I'm happy to see a fatty admitting finally admitting the (very gross) truth.
Very interesting! That is just sooooo much food! Thanks @espressoenthusiast
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This just hammers home to me how obesity is such a mental problem too--the incessant need to keep. eating. at all costs. And then, convincing yourself that it is "normal" for a person to eat like this, at least enough to do it every day. It really hit home when she ended with, "eat until I fell asleep again". *that*, is addiction.; and is what really makes me mad about this whole "fat acceptance" business... So many people are struggling with addictions to food, to body issues, etc. and yet HAES normalizes this so that the horrible cycle continues.
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Agree with everything already said. It's just so refreshing to see someone outright say that there's no bullshit reason for them being fat, no mysteriously sluggish metabolism with a BMR of 5kCal/day.. they just ate too damn much! :p
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Omg yes @vlada I was about to say the same thing!! I pictured her to be hugely fat and she's only a little bit fat
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Here are her before and after pictures...


Does anyone else feel astounded that she wasn't fatter, considering how much she was eating??

Absolutely. I expected your typically obese person (but not on the hardcore, extreme end). Still, this is very modest for the amount of food she used to consume daily! I think I would weigh double what I weigh now if I was eating like that. The thought off all that food (on its own, combined, and in those quantities) is revolting and i would never do that to myself anyway. I guess I haven't been craving crap in a long time.

Also, I found some free BUTI workouts on youtube (one of the things she says she does on the post where she says how she lost the weight). I am always on the hunt of new and exciting workouts (I love variety, and I need to keep it fun because it's also my time to de-stress and I refuse to spend my workouts bored, annoyed and waiting for the time to elapse).
The sound of "fusion of yoga, tribal dancing and plyometrics" was very appealing and I wanted to see what it was all about.

Looks good, and I think it will be my next thing to try.
Here's a ling to one of the videos, if anyone is interested :)