Website reveals what size you are in each store



Type in your measurements and see what size you are in each store (UK & US):

What I find funny, if you look at the graphs, is that Urban Outfitters uses the same hip size for sizes 2-4 and 6-8. :grin:
It's funny, it says I'm a size 6 for skirts in GAP and a few months ago I bought a Gap skirt from Ebay, it was size 4 and I had to return it because it was HUGE!
I'd like to lose the last 15, to make it simple & just get XS & 00 all the time ;)
Thx , this is so funny. I always want to know which size I'm in many stores :kiss:
Oh my god THANK YOU! I love online shopping and this thread just made my life so much easier.
hmmm.. tops are 10-14, bottoms and dresses are 6-10.... whoa
I'd like to lose the last 15, to make it simple & just get XS & 00 all the time ;)

Definitely. AND those are the sizes you find in the clearance section. Always important for a student/someone just starting out in the world!
So useful for online shopping, especially since store sizes vary so much - thank you!
Oh my! I love it! It's great to see my size is the smallest one in every store :p
Aren't gap and Ann Taylor guilty of vanity sizing? I'm currently 110 at 5'3 and I have a very hard time believing that I'm a US 0 or 2 as this site states. Especially since I'm an AU 8 which translates to a US 4.
Are you sure this is accurate? This tells me I'm a size 0 or XS everywhere, except H&M where I'm a size 2. I always buy a German size 38 which is a US size 8 (I think), though?
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I'm too small for most of these stores
(Of course it's because I'm short, but SHUSH. Let me have this one)

This is genius! Thank you so much! Got a few nice surprises too tehe
wow, that is SO helpful ! thanks so much. im a little less afraid of ordering online now.
I got XS, 0, 1 and 4. This sizing website may help so thanks!