Waxed Jean?


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Jan 27, 2012
Hot or not?

I'm thinking of getting some black skinny wax jeans. I would wear them with a blazer and black flats or with my leather jacket or some rocker boots and some knitwear.

Pass or should I go for it?
Go for it!
Sounds cool... Th way you balance the edgy wax jeans with the classic and polished blazer.
i have one pair of waxed skinny jeans from benetton and i'm instantly in love with them. Well, my legs are not like supermodel's but they still look slim in those pants! And every guy stares at my butt :p
i am pairing it with a loose- one-shoulder kind of sweater, high boots and believe me, looks great!
I have a pair of waxed jeans from zara. They're super sexy :)

@malignant dolly, lol yeah all the guys stare at my butt too! waxed jeans + 4" heels... they don't even stand a chance