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For the perfect white shirt I'm loving Hilditch & Key :)

Does anyone have any recommendations for nicely cut basic blazers? I have no blazers...
For the perfect white shirt I'm loving Hilditch & Key

OH, I really need proper white shirts for professional reasons. But from what I see, are these men's only?
If so, it's OK, I'm basically the proportions of a skinny tall man, but I'm wondering where else you lovelies buy dress blouse/shirts.
My best basic that I bought was a mock neck black long sleeve from velvet by graham and spencer. It was like 90 bucks, expensive for a basic, but looks AMAZING the difference between it and something ribbed, tight fitting and cheap is insane. I get compliments on it every time I wear it and its not something i'm afraid to wear once a week and i'll never get bored of it.
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Oh also you can find new jeans from expensive brands on ebay for 30 bucks. I got a pair of frame denim for $25 bucks because they had a "defect" --> the accidently were frayed instead of sewn at the bottom. Also I came across a seller who was selling like 5 pairs of paige jeans for like 20 each.
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