Wardrobe basics/must haves?

Discussion in 'Clothes' started by j_86, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. j_86

    j_86 Rookie

    May 22, 2012
    what do you all consider wardrobe staples or must haves (tops/bottoms/outwear/under garments/shoes/accessories/etc)?

    just wondering, I imagine you all have such impeccable style :)

    now that I feel a little lighter and am hiding less under clothes I'm looking to make a dream shopping spree wish list for when I hit my goal weight (I've already started to save up)

    I thought you beautiful people could share your insights
  2. lightasair

    lightasair Rising Star

    Mar 25, 2012
    Given that you live in the motherland of Winter, I say a chic black knee length belted jacket is a must. I am also a fan of trench coats. :luv:

    Happy shopping btw~!
  3. Valiant

    Valiant Rookie

    Nov 4, 2012
    I need a pair of good boots, I use them a lot especially in the winter (so much better than uggs), an amazing pair of jeans that fit like a glove, some long shirts that go mid-butt level, and I think my most worn thing is a blue shirt I got from Express. It matches the color of my eyes, but it's so simple that it makes my face stand out!
  4. Moon

    Moon Rookie

    Sep 28, 2012
    My ultimate basic is a good leather jacket. You can just throw it over everything and it works. :D
  5. Jocondette

    Jocondette Guest

    I second that motion on the leather jacket!
  6. A great pair of jeans, a few well made V-necks, a sexy pair of boots, a leather jacket and some great lingerie are all MUSTS ;)
  7. Peppertea3

    Peppertea3 Guest

    Basics should be high in quality, versatile and streamlined.

    For outerwear: a good winter coat, leather jacket, heeled boots, flat boots, dark skinny jeans, (colored?) blazer, a good neckwarmer ( scarf or whatnot).

    A casual dress, a dress for occasions (not parties or clubs), at least 2 cardigans, black thights, black, grey or champagne short skirt.

    For accessories: Big Brown/black leather bag, small bag, long necklace, short/elegant necklace, statement necklace.

    Also, never wear or buy T-Shirts just so you have something easy to wear when you can't put an outfit together. A T-Shirt can look good in an outfit, can look even better on a skinny body, but mostly ends up looking like you're not putting thought into the way you dress.
  8. Mementomoria

    Mementomoria Guest

    My top ten:

    Crisp white button down
    Leather jacket
    Black heeled boots
    Leopard print ballet flats
    Dark skinny jeans
    A single piece of jewelry that you wear almost every day
    A patterned scarf
    Long, drapey tees
    Little red dress
    PJs you're not ashamed to be seen in (for grabbing the morning paper off the porch, etc.- not as a substitute for actual clothing)
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  9. physicsbelle

    physicsbelle Guest

    Lately I've been wearing a lot of blazers, since I'm starting to feel more grown up and professional by attending conferences, etc. I love feminine shapes, so I think that a tailored dress with a chanel inspired blazer is very important. The blazer can be worn over skinny jeans or shorts, in practically any season, and it instantly makes you look more put together.
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  10. Colester

    Colester Guest

    -white cotton shirt
    -white silk shirt
    -black ballet flats
    -stripy cotton top
    -black cardigan for winter
    -white cable knit jumper for winter
    -black ankle boots for winter
    -black skater dress
    -leopard print flats
    -leopard print belt and bag
    -black A-line skirt
    -four pairs of jeans in light blue, grey, dark blue and black
    -my fringe. I know it's not technically a wardrobe thing but I would feel a bit lost without it :oops:

    Thats what I would say is the "base" of my wardrobe, I have quite a minimalistic girly style, I love lace and ruffles and stuff :luv:
  11. SunnyD

    SunnyD Guest

    I practically live in my Lululemon leggings and their cozy yoga tunics :luv: flat knee high leather boots, my Marmot parka for this chilly weather, scarvvveeessss of every color and fabric, and tops with a wide collar that falls off the shoulder...I think they are so sexy :)
  12. Em.

    Em. Guest

    I started to despise all colors exept the occasional red, so all I own is black, white or grey!
    Also in a very flowy/layered/studded (DECENT!) style, so i look pretty much like classy rock chick or something :D

    I NEED: Skinny jeans/(insert-)leather leggings/skirts, flowy tops/cardigans, biker boots/ High heels,
    Cross/Skull accessories (DECENT! I'm not a goth!) and a nice leather jacket/bag.
    Now, as it's so cold I admit I wear ugly but warm boots most of the time and make up for it
    with a nice fur-collar coat and my usual 'cool' clothes under.
  13. Coral

    Coral Rising Star

    Aug 28, 2012
    Your style sounds awesome!
    I love the edgy look on tall skinny girls :luv::kiss:
  14. Em.

    Em. Guest

    I let myself go a bit though :( Normally I'd carefully pick out outfits and do my hair but these days I can't be bothered with it. I hope it'll come back! There are so many amazing clothes and shoes waiting for me in my closet!

    Or like @malignant_dolly said: "No, you're not hungry. Just think of the new pair of JC's you could buy if you save the money on food" ;) :highfive:
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  15. malignant_dolly

    malignant_dolly Worker Bee

    Jan 22, 2012
    at least you lost your interest in eating at midnight :lol:
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  16. Em.

    Em. Guest

    I didn't have anything to eat in my fridge anyway :D I could have eaten mustard with tomato soup powder :lol:
  17. AnastasiaB

    AnastasiaB Rookie

    May 30, 2012
    My style is very classic (aka maybe boring). I buy the best quality I can afford in classic items and then buy cheaper trendy clothes that don't need to last. I still have cashmere sweaters from 15 years ago.

    Here is what I feel are the basic starters for a wardrobe:
    White collared long sleeve shirt (french cuff optional)
    Navy blazer
    Dark blue straight jeans (not skinny)
    Flat heel riding boots
    Single sole black pumps
    Black dress (something appropriate for dinner and work)
    Black flats (ballet or penny loafers)
    Single strand of pearls (best if inherited :grin:)

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  18. salander

    salander Guest

    I am not terribly stylish, but I keep an extremely functional wardrobe that fits well.

    Salander's must haves/daily wardrobe is as follows:

    1. Jeans. Skinny or slightly barely boot-cut, nothing else. All in black. I wear these most days, and I always get ones with a little stretch so I can wear them at work and still have full range of motion.

    2. Sweaters. All fit relatively close to my body, necklines vary. They are all black/grey.

    3. Fleece jackets/cardigans/layering items: I work in a giant freezer. Warmth is necessary. All of these follow the same color scheme as everything else: black and grey.

    4. "I'm a serious professional" outfits: I have a black pants suit, grey skirt suit, and a few pairs of dress slacks (mostly black, and one that veers from normal in red! I have a matching number of button up dress shirts or other nicer shirts to go with these. I wear one of these outfits only at national events for work, applying for jobs, conducting seminars, letc.

    5. A small handful of nicer dresses for professional events, weddings, funerals, stuff like that. They are all fairly conservative and most can be dressed up/down. I wear these very rarely.

    6. A functional purse and a "nice" purse, which I never use. The functional one wins 99% of the time. Must hold everything and still look somewhat okay.

    7. A wide variety of short and long sleeved tees. I live in them.

    8. Comfortable shoes/boots. I hate shoes that hurt my feet and refuse to wear them.

    9. The "show wardrobe": all the crap that is in my closet that I only wear if I'm about to be on stage or am representing my band at a show or rarely going out dancing. This is cocktail dresses, flirty skirts, crazy gothy leather clothes, etc. It isn't normal for most but is part of what I need.

    10. Exercise clothing makes up 50% of my wardrobe because that's what I spend 50% of my time doing.

    Otherwise, high quality outerwear because of the climate I live in, which is functional more than attractive.

    Almost everything I owns black or grey, and all of it coordinates with everything else, because I'm simple like that. The less thought I have to give my clothing, the better, really.
  19. Silent Night

    Silent Night Grand Dame

    Feb 8, 2012
    I helped a friend in the Circus pack last year and her wardrobe was like, three pairs of jeans, four jumpers, 9 top hats, 12 sequined leotards, a leopard-print spandex jumpsuit, a cat costume inc. tail, whiskers and claws, a 3-foot peacock feather burlesque fan, ...
  20. upintheclouds

    upintheclouds Rookie

    Dec 2, 2012
    j_86, fellow Canadian! Hope I can share some insights :) I like to buy higher quality, more expensive-ish items (at least compared to my friends, who live at Urban Outfitters). I don't have a lot of money at all but I save and splurge on things that last. I would say my style is a bit on the edgier side, still classic. I keep a minimal colour palette - grey, black, white, neutrals mostly. I like a pop of red occasionally. Some items that get high rotation in my wardrobe:

    - Equipment blouses, black, red, and white (love these blouses, sometimes I rub my arms when no one is looking to feel the silk!). I try to wear them on more special occasions (dates, nights out) though since they are dry clean only.
    - T by Alex Wang tees are huge staples - black, grey, white (have them in t shirt version in all colours, black longsleeve and black muscle T), hand washing them (or delicate cycle in washer) and laying flat to dry and all have lasted 1-2+ years without damage :) they accentuate collarbones really well, if you've got it, flaunt it!
    - Men's flannels, button downs - sometimes double as cardigans, look great tucked into skinny jeans
    - Skinny jeans in grey and black (i also have some more nice ones that are all a size too small at the moment!), Blank NYC, Rag & Bone, Citizens of Humanity and J Brand are staples. I like Blank if you are looking for a good quality jean at a lower price (can buy online at Shopbop, they also sell them at The Bay). Cheap Mondays are ok too.
    - Frye engineer boots, black. Can take a lot of abuse (if you live somewhere snow-ridden like me)
    - Joie oxfords. I had them in brown, wore them to holes, tracked them down on Amazon in black! Love them.
    - Roots Russian Vamp boots - have in tan and black, provide some fashion to these terrible Canadian winters
    - Oversized sweaters, most by Wilfred Free (at Aritzia). All 2+ years old, all get worn frequently, great quality as they are all in great shape! They look nice with faux leather leggings and ankle boots
    - All my Sam Edelman booties get a lot of wear - have black and putty coloured ankle boots (slightly resemble the Isabel Marant booties), the black ankle boots with fringe on sides, and taupe ankle boots with a rose gold back zipper. Recommend highly. Great quality for the price, and the neutral coloured ankle boots can take a surprising amount of wear.
    - Cashmere beanies from Aritzia, Bop Basics (Shopbop's own brand). I think they look cool (also great for a bad hair day, which for me is most days, lol).
    - Love Quotes scarves, nice to top an outfit off in Fall/Winter. Also look good just draped over the neck with a nice shirt and shorts in the summer
    - Aritzia utility jacket in olive. Everyone has them here but what can I say, they are cute (and comfy). Good for spring and fall, warmer winter days.
    - Daily jewelry - Helen Ficalora initial necklace, MK silver watch, Dannijo and Gorjana rings and snake/skull rings by Michelle Chang.

    I guess that's basically my whole wardrobe :p I feel like I wear almost the same thing every day in a different colour/combination, but I guess it has become a signature over time and I quite like it. Oh! And to top it all off, I wear glasses a lot, either the Ray-Ban wayfarer or clubmaster style. It helps me maintain my reputation as a huge nerd ;)

    (also, excuse this essay of a post, I love fashion, shopping, etc!!)

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