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I love that they feature models on the covers all year round and rarely ever a celebrity! :luv:
Also, I love the emphasis they give on models. Before a spread, there is a small interview with the model.
I ditched Vogue US for Vogue Spain now. So if any of you can read Spanish, I recommend this so much!
The only bad thing they have ever done is put Kate Upton in a spread (ew) :superpuke: But they made even her look remotely good and non-trashy... which is a huge accomplishment!

I also love the styling of the covers, their selection of models and accesories. They really know how to give emphasis to accessories and clothes (unlike a magazine I know called Vogue US...)

Aline Weber

Maryna Linchuk

Natasha Poly

Coco Rocha

Daria Werbowy

Anna Selezneva


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May 14, 2012
Puerto Rico
I've bought vogue Spain a couple of times and I really enjoy reading their articles and all of their spreads, like you said I love that they feature models and not stupid celebrities that contribute absolutely nothing to the fashion world directly. IMO the only thing they do is go to front row at NYFW and just look at pretty things and get paid for that it gets me so mad sometimes because most of them don't really appreciate all the work that designers put in to make a collection -.- oh well, back to the topic I really enjoy it yes and I love how it's not censored at all like American Vogue.
ps i love how this site is becoming like tfs forum but with no restrictions on what to talk about :p


One of the loveliest editorials I've ever seen Costance in. Before this I didn't like her, but it's just so lovely it made me change my mind about her.

Constance Jablonski for Vogue Spain February 2011 by Alex Cayley



One of the most beautiful editorials ever because they feature Maryna (a VS favorite) as Grace Kelly (an Old Hollywood favorite).
Now that I think about it both look a bit alike, but no one will ever beat Princess Grace!

Maryna Linchuk as Grace Kelly by Vincent Peters for Vogue Espana January 2012

Gawd I adore Maryna! She's so classy but so sexy at the same time...

(Have no more space for pics so I'll continue it on another post...)


More Model-loving Covers

The Queen's Vogue Spain cover photographed by Michael Thompson February 2007

OMG Toni is such a STUNNER in Vogue Cabello (hair) by Alexi Lubomirski

Lily D by Alexi Lubomirski May 2012. Before the editorial there was an interview with Lily. I loved that.

This one is a huge fail. Caroline, Iselin, Toni, Kasia and Anne V all look like they just can't wait to get it done and go. By Victor Demarchelier.

Vogue Spain Beauty with Natalia by Mario Testino. Love Natalia, love Testino. But what the hell happened to the makeup? It's as if a unicorn barfed a rainbow at her face. Not as bad as Daphne's Vogue UK shit, but still... It just ruins Natalia's beautiful face.


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May 11, 2012
After a disappointing November cover...

Kate Moss for Vogue Spain December 2012!


More covers

Constance February 2011

Caroline November 2009

Doutzen March 2008

Gisele May 2000

Anja March 2011

Julia November 2009

Liya April 2007
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