Vittoria Ceretti

Vittoria is covering Vogue Japan again. (they recycled her last photoshoot with Luigi and Iango)
Idk if this is a popular opinion, but I find her printwork so blanc and boring, it feels like I've seen this picture of her a hundred times before. That's why she is the perfect muse for Chanel.
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Lol girl is there any model you have positive comments about
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Vittoria on her Insta story. I really think this picture is altered, but her legs are looking better than usual regardless.


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It was Vittoria's 23rd birthday yesterday and instead of other models she celebrated herself with cake which is clearly visible on her body..
Just imagine how she could look like with 15pounds less, but I guess she is relying on her face.


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It was Vittoria's 23rd birthday yesterday and instead of other models she celebrated herself with cake which is clearly visible on her body..
Just imagine how she could look like with 15pounds less, but I guess she is relying on her face.

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She’s such an Italian woman…clearly always been naturally slim, probably? somewhat careful about her diet but rely on her genetics mostly
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Sorry to bump this thread — I know Vittoria isn't very popular on here — but it seems like she's made some improvements. Her arms, legs, xylo, ribs, and hips look better to me, but maybe that's just my wishful thinking because I love her face and I'd hate to see it wasted.

Hopefully she'll be at fashion week so we can see if she's actually improving or if it's just clever posing and editing.



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Reading through this thread, I think it's pretty save to say, that we cannot expect any improvement from her. To me she looks very consistent with her weight, as in not fitting SG standards.

I looked through her recent walks and also found it very interesting, that she gets outfits that cover at least her upper legs most of the time:


...because if they don't, this happens:


Does anyone know if she comes from an influential family? To me her whole career looks like nepotism.
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Her arms also look so soft, does she even work out? I think she stopped caring because she’s pretty much an influencer at this point, but I’d be embarrassed to show up at fashion week like this.


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How is she ok with her stomach poking out like this at FW? She embodies laziness to me, because she really just needs to lose 5 lbs to look acceptable (15ish to look great though) and she refuses to do it
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For Gucci's new campaign:



She definitely still needs improvement but at least she isn't as pudgy/bloated as before.

These are from a 2017 magazine cover and haven't been posted here yet: thought I'd share! She's blessed with such sharp facial features that weight gain (evident when comparing to the Gucci campaign) isn't too obvious on the face. Fingers crossed she continues to lose; as seeing her at a higher weight definitely feels like a waste of face.

I don’t know how she fathom being so… plump, rotund for lack of a better word. Especially nude. The confidence is aspirational I will say, but the physique needs work. Frankly, I’ve never been a fan of such substantial derrières (I know in the western world now she’s probably considered flat, but in comparison to what we’re accustomed to here I kind of recoil). Also, I can’t help but think she slumps forward to make her upper body/arms look smaller. Thoughts?

I will admit I’m biased. I’ve never been a fan of her’s, she’s so wide in the hips. Even in black. But perhaps that’s because I pretty much have queen Vlada taped onto the inside of my eyelids at this point lol.

Also the latter concept of the shoot just appears really distasteful, at least to me. It looks like high budget pornography. I don’t know if it’s actually the concept or if it would look better with a slimmer model.

Also, nude but wearing shoes? I don’t know what it’s for, but if it’s footwear, make it make sense lol. Perhaps I’m harping too much but meh. I feel as if concepts aren’t what they used to be. Then again, standards for models aren’t either.
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Some reverse thinspo from Vittoria. That second dress would look amazing on someone with skinny limbs. Not even the optical illusion helps her. Her face looks nice though.


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