Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012



I figured we needed a thread to discuss the VSFS 2012.
You know, cause it's filled with our favorite models, or our least favorite models, the lingerie is very cool, and there is great music and it is really fun and colorful and...

We know everyone is watching to:

a) See if Erin has lost/gained weight (please make it the first one, Leo don't make her fat)
b) Ale and Adriana have recovered from pregnancy weight
c) Who is fat and who is thin (but mostly fat)
d) If Karlie is gonna be there and if she becomes an Angel after all
e) Make fun of the singers next to the tall and skinny models
f) Criticise all the fat Angels (harsh, but we all do it so just admit it already)

I'm not the N.1 VS fan (it can be soo annoying, tacky and unclassy and they made Chanel Iman gain weight :mad:!) but I still watch because I am really curious and I love doing all the things mentioned (especially f).

Anyway this is the latest Tweet about the show:


I think it may be about who is wearing the fantasy bra. Rumors are it is Alessandra Ambrosio. Some say it may be Candice though.

If not, I hope they say which non-Angels will be in the show or which Angel is NOT doing the show.
About the performers I could care less :lol:

Any thoughts/opinions gurls? :)
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I really wish Abbey Lee was still doing Victoria Secret.. I really loved her, she had a fantastic presence on the runway.
lmfao could you imagine heroin chic abbey on the runway tho...

Hoping against all odds that Behati, Chanel, and Lily will not be there.

I'd love for Karlie Kloss, Kendra Spears, and Maryna Linchuk to show up.
Oooh my fav VS model is Doutzen Kroes but I'm biased because we're both dutch xD (Second favourite is Bregje Heinen, what a surprise)
lmfao could you imagine heroin chic abbey on the runway tho...

This! I used to love abbey eg. Her VS days, she was a beaut, but now she just looks 'sick' skinny. I'm not into that.

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This! I used to love abbey eg. Her VS days, she was a beaut, but now she just looks 'sick' skinny. I'm not into that.

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I agree, I want the old Abbey Lee back, she was easily one of the best in the VS shows she walked in.


And I want to see Toni Garrn back again this year, her body is great and she is super elegant.

Victoria's Secret twitter is here for those who are interested in all of the updates. Elsa Hosk and Jessica Hart will be in the Pink segment this year and Rihanna will be performing. They announcing the rest of the performers over the course of today.

I don't care what people say, Victoria's Secret is tacky, cheesy, fun and I love it.
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Damn, 2 generic boring blondes. The only thing unique about Jessica is her gap, which also happens to be her worst feature.
hmm, i always watch it after people upload it on youtube, anybody know how i can watch it live this year? is it streamed somewhere...
:lol: just to be clear i don't mean live live
i'm just wondering if its possible to watch it at the same time that it plays on tv in the states?
I really really hope UK will show it live. They didn't last year. I'm not the biggest fan of VS models except Karlie but I love watching the show. I'm curious to see Chanel, haven't heard a peep of her since that music festival a while ago.
Rihanna, JB and Bruno Mars???? :wtf:


I like Bruno Mars (he's shorter than the models though, 5"5), Justin Bieber is gonna be fun looking at how short and childish he'll look next to the models (OMG if Karlie walks I want that 6" goddess in heels walk next to 5"7 Bieber OMG that would be sooooo funny!!! :lol:) and Rihanna... it'll be fun to see her walking next to thinspos like Candice and Miranda :lol: Oh gosh she will feel so fat, short and ugly in comparison (and I think Rihanna is actually 5"8, slim and pretty). Not as funny as the Minaj comparison, but whatevs.

Judging by the performers, this show is sooooo going hard on the takedowns :twisted:
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Craptastic artist choices in my opinion. Ok Rihanna is okay but eh...
Fill me in on the Chanel weight gain?!