victoria beckham

Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by VixenVixen, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. VixenVixen

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    AFTER BABY Wtf .. jealous I'm not a fan of super boobs though
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  2. livingdoll

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    She did recently have the superboobs reduced, didn't she? She has lovely collarbones and shoulders. :)
  3. TinyEmma

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    She looks amazing. I love her skinny legs and you're right.... her shoulders and collarbones are amazing too xx :luv:
  4. VixenVixen

    VixenVixen Guest

    yea I'm in love with her legs..if she got her boobs reduced them she like perfect in my eyes
  5. astrid

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    I agree completely :)
  6. Lola

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    Yeah, but she is not that skinny anymore, at least not for now... She gave birth like 6 months ago so she is still recovering, I guess:)...
  7. nearlyskinny

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    i love love love VB she looks fab in everything espesh now the superboobs are gone thankfully! I love her legs soooooooo much! :luv:
  8. astrid

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    I think she's pretty skinny, even after pregnancy.

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  9. VixenVixen

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    She is such a bad bitch (slang for hottie) like she can dress her ass off with those 5inch heels
  10. Ice

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    Love her!

    Here is an interesting post from Perez Hilton about Mrs. Beckham.....

    "Victoria Beckham apparently has QUITE the list of demands for what's to be in her dressing room when shes at photoshoots - or whatever exactly it is that she does - and although it doesn't rival Mimoo's or Jenny From The Block's in diva-tude, it's still pretty ridic!

    It DEMANDS requests:

    "Chopped fresh fruit - cut pineapple with grated lime peel, green seedless grapes, red grapes (frozen), cut-up pear with lemon juice, apples, peeled pink grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.

    Please DO NOT MIX up the fruit but keep separate. She's obsessed with fruit and can't get enough.

    The list always gets a chuckle from the lackeys who have to go and get this stuff. If we mix the fruit up there's hell to pay.

    But it's Victoria Beckham. What she wants she gets.

    Plain Green salad (no dressings on it) - balsamic vinegar on the side. This is NOT balsamic vinaigrette but PLAIN balsamic vinegar. The thicker version so either aged/glazed balsamic (buy at Wholefoods in USA) or take regular and reduce it on the hob.

    There is never a request for anything with more than a handful of calories. We joked about leaving a Big Mac in the dressing room - but we know we'd get fired."

    Other requirements include flavored water, tea, scented candles, iPod speakers, a clean robe, baby wipes, white, cream, or purple flowers, and 'chewing gum' as a snack!


    Here is the original link......
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  11. Mary Lou

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    Thanks Ice - I LOVE to know details about what skinnies exactly do. And Victoria is perfect thinspo, because she really does do everything to be skinny. In cafe interviews she usually orders fish, but only eats a bite. Journalists always catch that :sneaky:
  12. AMQ

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    I read somewhere about her rule of 3.

    She eats everything - but nothing more than 3 spoonful servings... or make that teaspoon servings!;)
  13. VixenVixen

    VixenVixen Guest

    Copies list*...thanks!
  14. Lola

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    This is more recent

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  15. lilvixen

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    Victoria Beckham is seriously inspirational (to me anyway)... there are so many celebrities you see that yo-yo up and down with their weight. I.E. Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan, Hilary Duff. But Victoria's been pretty much slim all the way through. Yes she was a bit large before her spice girl days but seriously! 20 some years under the light and not cracking?!
  16. smallbones

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    Feb 9, 2012
    I love Victory Beckham. I'm always on the fashionspot checking on her style. She looks great after having Harper Seven. (She definitely took those huge implants out as well)Here's some recent pics of her with her daughter.

  17. analinne

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    Jan 16, 2012
    I can't believe that she used to look like this


  18. classichic

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    Jan 27, 2012
    I absolutely love her! I think she is healthy, 4 beautiful kids speak for itself.

    Yeah, her diet may be extreme but you can definitely tell she's healthy. She has good skin and she doesn't smoke. She did let herself go when she was pregnant but that's allowed.

    Other celebrities don't really know about what it takes, the effort and the hard work to look after yourself.

    So what if she has high demands, tons of other celebrities do and we all have little quirks that we get extremely fussy over. I think I would also have my fruits separated and no dressing on my salad if I was a celeb. And lets not forget that each my item has to be vegetarian :grin:

    I love her style, she's super elegant and she has class. I didn't like her fake breasts, so glad she took them out. The only thing I'd wish from her is that her collection would be more affordable. I'm in love with her clothes!
  19. Ice

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  20. Coffee_Girl

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    Jan 23, 2012

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