Vegans/vegetarians-where do you shop?

*Sighs* Am I the only one that finds it difficult to find vegan shoes(cruelty free and fashionable)

I have no problem finding the clothes, but when it comes to finding shoes that actually look good, it's a bitch. I've had this problem even when I was vegetarian because I didn't wear any type of clothing/shoes made from animals, but because of that, I barely can find cute heels like jeffrey campbells litas (I recently found some non-leather knock offs, but it took forever..)

There's this site called mooshoes.come (nice vegan stuff) but not really my taste. I like 6 inch heels that are very high fashion..the shoes on their site are like 3 inches and not my style.

BUT there's also this cute vegan shoes online shop
Their shoes are lovely, but the shoes are way too expensive. (I recommend it to vegans who have the cash, though.)

So I just want to know for the fashion obsessed vegans/vegetarians, where do you shop to find fashionable vegan friendly clothes/shoes?
Why don't you try Schuh or Office? They have lots of lovely non-leather shoes. So does Ted Baker atm :)
Why don't you try Schuh or Office? They have lots of lovely non-leather shoes. So does Ted Baker atm :)

Thanks =). I never heard of those shops before, so I googled and checked them out. The Schuh shoes were just meh and Office had a nice mixture of stuff but the only good looking shoes to me were the jeffrey campbells --Ted Baker didn't have many shoes options that weren't non leather. I'm super picky...:lol: I guess I'll just keep trying. I stalk a lot of fashion blogs, so I'm looking for shoes that are similar to what they're posting this season.
JC has a pair of black velvet Litas, I think I'll be looking into those once I have ze money.

As for shoes in general, I'm a little cheap so it's not much of a problem ^^ haha most of the time it's faux leather whether I want it to be or not.
Okay, so I finally did some searching and decided to post this site (just in case they have some girls dealing with my situation. Ignore the clothes on the site because they're not great. Their shoes aren't amazing, but they're doable. The heels are nice and high. They look fashionable and most importantly, they're vegan (all man made materials)
The site is called

Here are some I liked.
These shoes remind me of the booties that Kate Bosworth and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear all of the time.
example- rosie

Below are the booties

I also like these red fake litas

These shoes remind me of the Balenciaga boots Ashley Olsen owns
Here's Ashley's boots.

AND here's the vegan boots that remind me of hers.

I liked these heels, they have an edgy feel to them. (and they look like the shoes from Nastygal)

and last, but not least, I've been looking for a vegan version of these for quite a while.
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Careful with the JCs - sometimes even though the outer is material, the lining is leather (I have a pair of tapestry Litas that are leather lined). Also, watch out for the heel material too.

This may sound awful but cheap shoe shops - high shoes in non-leather products.

Look on eBay as well - you may have to trawl through but if you type in a specification (eg: blue high heels/green wedge boots/tan knee boots/etc.) and order from lowest to highest cost incl. postage, you'll find all the non-leather products first off the mark.

Hope this helps! :)
Steve Madden and Stella McCartney shoes are all leather free!
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