Us Magazine Article

wow this is crazy! it seems like there is a new article or two out every day, I would say the content is pretty much same same all around but I'm surprised at all the press this is getting. I mean, there are actual, legitimately pro-ana sites out there, lots of them in fact, why are they hating on SG for christssake :rolleyes:
I am so tired of all these people tagging Skinny Gossip as a Pro Ana site. You want to see a pro ana site? Go to google and click the first few options.
SEE THE DIFFERENCE?!?!? Uggghhh just so irritating because It's like anyone who wants to be skinny and goes toward their goal is now being labeled as pro ana.
WTF This site and it's members are comepletly against that and are trying to lose weight in a HEALTHY way, key word HEALTHY.
Sorry for the rant guys, it's just so annoying that Skinny Gossip is getting all this bad press and putting Skinny Gurl in like heated water, cause she doesn't deserve that and neither does the site!
Oh and by the way, if you wanna call us a pro ana site, just go ahead and call myfitnesspal a pro ana site cause " it causes a person to consantly cheack their calories, which can led to anoerexia" which I know it totally can but do you see my point?