Urban Weight


Mar 26, 2012
Found this online and thought it was worth sharing

link: http://waltherpragerandphilosophy1.blogspot.com/2015/08/urban-weight.html

"It is difficult to say that the passers-by seen on the streets are perceived as humans or not only as parts of the urban landscape. Maybe when we walk without paying much attention to them, they seem indeed to form a sort of moving landscape.

The thin people with swift steps look like moving statues. They may mean something if we look closer to them, but essentially they walk and run to give meaning to the things they meet without clarifying anything to us about their person.

Meanwhile, the fat people look like some huge buildings. Their slow movements allow us to see them almost like immobile houses. Their weight seems to say that wherever they go, the things they meet will be housed in them. The fat people will give them a meaning in this way. Differently from the thin people, through the appearance of being able to receive the things like dwellers of the houses they are, we can partly perceive those meanings just looking at them. All those things should mean some sort of food or comfort for the fat people.

Since the urban landscapes often inspire the feeling that we do not matter so much in their largeness, the image of fat passers-by may help us to think that our city or town is really ours like food. At least, they prepare us to accept to be swallowed by the huge buildings we enter. "